Where I can send my luggage for few hours in Prague?

Hi everyone~ I will travel to Prague on May 12, so I will spend few hours in Prague and then take a bus and go to Poland. But I want to send my luggage to the store where they keep the luggages( I got few hours before start to go to Poland,and I want to walk aroud the city center , but my luggages are so heavy 😕) So do you know any store like that and near the center( the old town square or Florenc bus station) please give me some information~ thank you so much 😃

There should be luggage storage facilities both at the airport and bus station. You pay a small fee and they safeguard your baggage.

There's a store ("uschovna zavazadel") at Florenc bus station: click here for details.

Oh~ thank you so much

There is a Luggage Storage Prague in Revoluční 8, Praha 1 near Palladium shopping centre. I used it with my friends, I think that also do Luggage delivery but better to write them

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