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hello,dear fellow expats,

please clarify my bring a first degree relative on visit visa ,do one have to have a residency permit or civil id.

if someone goes to kuwait on a work visa can they apply for the visit visa on the same week itself for their son/daughter(kids).salary is 2200 KD.(doctor)

You can bring your spouse and kids provided you have valid residency permit.

Secondly, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to get the medical done and residency stamped from the date of arrival in Kuwait provided your company has valid license and there is no issue with the immigration authorities.

Meantime, you can request your employer to support you by issuing a visit visa for your wife or kids.
Usually, they do not agree if its govt hospital. Private hospitals may agree.
Secondly, even if they agree, you will need to send back your family after the expiry of the visit visa, apply new family visa and bring them back.
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Good Luck.

thank you very much for the reply. the info i received is that i can extend the child's visit visa without sending him back and what we were planning was to get his dependent visa during the time he is here on the visit visa.a visit visa for the child can be transferred to dependent visa without leaving the country(courtesy some friends in Kuwait).hope this is true.

Everything is possible here if you have valid reason & WASTA.

Hi Ricky

I am currently in the same situation. My job wants me there asap, will I (being female) be able to apply for visit visa for my daughter?
Could you please tell me how did everything work out for you.
How soon could you get a visit visa after entering Kuwait and did your child have to leave Kuwait when the dependent visa arrived?
Also any other information about this process or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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