Anime fans!where to buy anime accessories or T-Shirts?

Hey you guys!
Are there any anime fans here? :3
I've always wanted to buy anime accessories or T-shirts but I haven't found any. Do you know any places here?

all over Kuwait, off the top of my head:

1) Go to Hawally - Tunis St., Rehab Complex; check the basement and the first floor, you will shop after shop of nothing but manga and anime merchandise, i even found a katana - 300KD!

2) Kuwait City - Muthana Complex, first floor, entrance near the Danish Shoe shop on the main road - i forget the names, but its basically above where all the shoe shops are, the floor right above, if you go there just walk around and you will find it.

3) Discovery Mall - first floor, small shops in the far corner, same floor as the food court.

OMG Rehab complex? That is so close from where I live! THANK YOU!! c':

me too :) my mom used to be a pharmacist with the pharmacy in the complex; like i said, go to the basement and the top floors, you will find your hearts desire there..

set aside a few hours tho as there are lots of shops to cover! best to take your brother or friend with you or something, as these shops are frequented mostly by teenage boys - and do not be afraid to haggle!

I've gotten a couple t-shirts and accessories from pretty cool selection there, a lot of tokyo ghoul stuff which i looove ^_^

The only place that I can think of is Al-Rehab Complex..

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