employment opportunities in Haiti

how are my name is Jean Sufra I am from the United States
I am a New to this site would really like to know if you know any employment opportunities in Haiti for the US?

Hello Jean Sufra,

Welcome to!

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What kind of job are you looking for? What is your area of expertise?

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Hi Jean,

I would suggest using the local Job sites: Job Paw & Job 509 for open vacancies or employment opportunities in Haiti.

There are a few other such as HS&BR - Haiti Staffing & Business Resources, Competences 2000, Ayiti Travay, SODEC, Rolag Coaching Emploi, CFET, SHAMARH...

Good Luck!

yes thank you so much but  I have applied to 509jobs and jobpaw and have not hear a thing so thats why I am just looking to network and hopefully get an opportunity

I would not mind being a translator because I do speak Haitian Creole as well also I have experience as a Administrative clerk and I am open to work for an organization that would love people to come and help Haiti with all areas

Hello Sufrajn,  :)

For employment opportunities, you may run through the ad in the Jobs in Haiti section of the website and drop your cv in your field of expertise.

Best of luck,

I am looking for a teaching job, Experience teacher of 20 years. Master's degree in science.worked for many institutions. Haitiano - American.      speak 3 languages(english,french,creole)   now living in Haïti.

I am also looking for a job in Haiti as well....


how are you! well good afternoon

I am also looking to get a job opportunity in Haiti, please keep me posted if you know anything as well also my email is Sufrajean[at]

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