French girl lost in Bangkok - want to meet New people!

Hi everyone,

I am Amandine, a french student, and I am newly arrived in Bangkok for an internship. I would be very happy to meet new people. Please contact me if you are interested!


Bonjour Amandine,

Je suis Cambodgienne francophone vivant à Bangkok. J'aime bien rencontrer des francophone aussi. On se croisera un jour peut-être.


Greetings!  I'm surely not who you are looking to meet (an older married expat here) but I thought I'd say hi and offer more information if you like.  Given that I live a really standard professional life, to work and home, shopping and parks, etc., maybe none of that is of interest, but if I could answer questions I would. 

I probably know more about places to meet people online than in real life, but I mean people in Bangkok, so they are out there in real life too.

  I am Thai girl .If you are interested to make friend with Thai...Please contact me..I can speak french a little and I have been to France several times...Lets share time together in Bkk .I love to have French Friends both man and woman

Hello Pim,

Avec plaisir de te faire connaissance. Je vis dans le quartier de Latprao et toi ? N' h'esites pas a m' envoyer un mot quand tu en as envie.


@ Channalen: please keep this conversation in English on this Anglophone forum so others can understand what you said and have the benefits as well.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi I'm Jake coming up from Malaysia on the 28th..  Am a regular in bkk. What kinda ppl do you want to meet? Are you a arts student or MBA intern. Regs

Hello all

@ Amandine : We also have the francophone version of the forum here : Forum Bangkok

@ Nalen : As this is the Anglophone version of the forum, please keep the postings only in English.

Kenjee Team

Hi all and thank you for the answers,

I am a master student in management of tourism and I am coming here to start my professional life with a 6 months internship. I would maybe have more in commun with students or trainees that's true, but I am open minded and social, so I would be happy to meet any kind of people here in Bangkok.

have a good day

Hello I also live in Bkk been here working for past 3 years and lovin every moment of it. 

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Hi Amandine,

if you want to learn some useful Thai phrase we can exchange language via Line.

My ID is sumet1828.

Or if you are using other apps and want to do so just let me know.


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1) I just study French . And I want to be friend with French people
2) I live in Bangkok, sathorn
3) I can speak Thai, English and Chinese fluently .
I like sports, movies,and traveling

hi,i'm Rick,american born asian,working and living in bangkok,hope to catch up with u,thanks

Hello Amandine,

I am Damian, I am a 23 year old British guy living and working in Bangkok. If you are looking to meet new people to hang out so you know people I am happy to meet up for a drink or a cup of coffee just to introduce myself.

You can contact me on line if you wish to do so, my ID is "dazz299"

Hope to speak soon :)


Hi Damian,

Thanks for your reply :) !
Do you have facebook? would be easier for me to communicate or Skype maybe.

Have a nice day,

Ha Ha Ha, I can imagine why french girls lost in BKK, because they know only how to speak french...but nobody else...ha ha ha  :D

i am not literally lost but i am sure you are !

Hi Amandine,

Talk here soon I hope :)


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Hi I am a married man that lives in the BKK area. I don't work. But some days I run around Bangkok taking photo's and just hitting the mall's while the wife is at work. if you would like to chat drop me a line.

Take care  :)

Hello! I just came to Bkk too, just few weeks ago! And I am searching for the friends too! If you are interested, please, let me know - we can meet  :)

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hi,i'm Rick,american born asian guy doing business in bangkok,would be glad to be your friend,my line Id is Chai Ronnie,thanks

Hi Veronika
I will be running around Bangkok about the 20th. if you would like to meet up. bring a camera, walking shoe's. I will be going to Wat Po, and others around there. Lunch not sure. but you are welcome to join

hi veronika,i'm Rick,now working in bangkok.I would like to get to know u better if u are interested,thanks

let me know your email or phone number , will be in bangkok from may 29 ,

take care n bye

Hi,I'm living in Bangkok.I think we can be friend!!
Je peut parler francais aussi mais pas bon.Je suis en train de apprendre le francais a l'Universite.
It's will be great if we can talk

I'm loving in Bangkok.We can be friend!

slt amandine.. moi c est julien.. je commence tt juste mon voyage en asie du sud est! actuellement sur bangkok ...

jutravel :

slt amandine.. moi c est julien.. je commence tt juste mon voyage en asie du sud est! actuellement sur bangkok ...

ENGLISH please as this is an ENGLISH speaking forum.
Thank you.

hoo i'm sorry i haven't good english!! but you be right..what are you doing in bangkok and where?


Hi! I'm also new here in Bangkok. I want to make friends with people too as I get so lonely most of the time! Are you free on Saturday to meet?

hi,my line id is rickcobra

If you don't mind to meet up a musician. My contact is here

:D  Nice to see you
I am a personal assistant ,

nice to meet you..
you can contact me here : pippathailand[at]

Hello Amandine,
I don't know if you are still in Bangkok but if you are I am also a french student ( 3eme annee d'ecole d'inge)  in Bangkok :). I am staying for a two month internship.I just arrived. I would really love to make a friend who can give me tips and to simply talk to.

Hi how r u, may I know you? I'm going to Bangkok, wish to know some friends there. Appreciate you can PM me. I'm Malaysian.


If you are looking for some part time work we are trying to find someone to spend time with our two girls so they can practice their French,

let me know if this might interest you 


Hi Tim,
You're posting on an old and inactive thread so the chance is not high to get response.

The best you can do is to place your offer in the job section above the page.
You get more reviews there than here on the open forum.

Thanks for your  advice

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