Climbing indoors and outdoors in Riyadh

Hi I'm considering taking a teaching position in Riyadh. I've been rock climbing off and for 20 years. Its necessary to my happiness! Can women rock climb indoors and outdoors in and around Riyadh? Is it very difficult to find climbing partners? Thanks for any help :-) Feel free to get in touch if you're looking for partners too. If I can't climb I won't take the job. Thank you! Bethan

yes you can climb.

Thank you. How long does it take to get to the outdoor climbing? How many bolted sport routes are there? How many traditional routes?

Will you be covered by your health insurance?

yes health insurance part of the package. interview hasn't happened yet. all preliminary questions. but i will feel better knowing i won't have to give up climbing

The reason I ask is an expat in Korea fell when climbing and wasn't covered (she thought her work coverage was sufficient - it wasn't) and the resulting repair bills (fractured arm and hip) meant she was stuck in the hospital until her family could fly over and pay up $five-figure sum. Also another friend of mine in Hong Kong fell off a surfboard onto the concrete pier - he wasn't covered either but managed to convince the hospital staff he tripped and wasn't doing 'dangerous' sports.

Just a heads up  :)

Thanks for the advice :)

No probs, I'm a Mod for a big expat teacher website in Korea, so I see a lot of noobs come a cropper out there. As you probably know many US/UK/Oz/NZ/Canadian teachers in Korea are fresh out of school and don't know their arse from their elbow, and get caught by circumstances they never knew existed. I was the same; most of us were. You said 'Rock Climbing' and my 'Oh shit' meter spiked, nothing to do with you - just I've read about or seen a few people get in real dire straits if they have an accident. They're usually motorbike-related but that one, rock climbing incident was heart-breaking, the girl had worse injuries than I said before - she had to go through a lot of physio (which is expensive) - and her hobby might not be available for her again. It's like if I had a bad accident on a motorbike and couldn't ride - ever again.

there is / was a facebook page on it for Saudi.. ive started RC but haven't found the time out here or a partner for that matter. but there is places a few K out of Riyadh but that's on the FB page . Climbing in this heat  different  matter altogether ..Best of luck with the decision

Hi Guys, I am very interrested into Climbing Indoors & Outdoors. Does anyone knows if a coumpound provides this activity ?

Contact me via private channels - lots of climbing here.

I am interested to climbing around riyadh any team \ group to join .

How r u ?
Do u find any ? I am interested into climbing as well

I am from spain and I am going to move to Riyadh in a few weeks.
I am looking for indoor rock gym and rock climbing people. I have look foward internet but i did not found so much.
I do not know if there is easy to find places to climb.
Can anyone help me?
thank you very much

I have checked some artificial rocks at the DQ.
It will not be so difficult but the pleasure to touch the rock could be there.
Before I need to buy a matress.
When the T° will decrease a little bit more, I will test some of them.

In the booklet "Destinantion Riyadh" of July 16, there is a page indicating rock climbing area 20 minutes south of Riyadh.

I never heard about  a climbing wall in a compound.

Hey ,

I found several punch place around Riyadh max 40 mints driving . Google " the edge of World Riyadh " . If you need company let me know . I don't think there is existing group now days , however we can create it if you interest .

Hey, I'll be moving to Riyadh soon too. Let me know if you find anywhere good to climb. I'm really going to miss having an indoor wall/gym.

Also, if there are any women who climb or play any other sports please hit me up. I'm very curious to hear more about what it's like for female athletes since I've heard sports are illegal for woman. :)

I am also looking for a indoor wall in Riyadh to practice on. Been trying to search over the internet but no luck. Total newbie on wall/rock climbing. If there is a "club" or group of people that do this regularly, much better.
I am a hiker and would like to learn rock climbing. I am a total noob on this and would love to learn to handle harder climbs I am planning on doing. Would love to do Punca Jaya or Mont Blanc one day. Just want to learn.

I'd love to start climbing as well! I'm a newbie though... Do you have classes for beginners?

I picked up rock climbing (mainly indoors) while studying abroad and have been looking for a wall in Riyadh tirelessly whenever I come home for a visit.

I finally found a very good wall here in riyadh but its in a university and it isn't really open to the public. I want to gather a group of people and try and petition the university to let us use it occasionally.

if you're interested please contact me. (photos below). … dhQNa?dl=0[/img]

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