Starting Graphic Design company in Paraguay

Dear Expacts

i am currently living in dubia, citizen of Pakistan,

i am a graphic designer

i m fluent with my english i wana work within my profession or i wana start a small graphic design business in Paraguay.

needfull information will be highly appriciated

God Bless You

May work if you work with US clients remotely. Your business line here in Paraguay won't have legs. Tiny compact market with a ton of "wanna be" Web designers etc... Another idea is to perhaps start a Top notch graphic design school.

No work at all Quasim, I work for Chinese and European ad agencies, through the web, sorry no work or very bad payed in Paraguay , and you have to communicate in  perfect Spanish anyway , sorry, check if you allso can get a Visa , there are lists to keep Muslims out, its a Roman Catholic country , good luck

Keep Moslims out ?
You find a lot of Moslim people having business here, going computer, cell's, etc, in Asuncion, and for what I hear, also some Arabs in Cuidad Del Este.

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