Worried about life in Karachi

Hello everyone...

I expect to be offered a Professor position at the new Habib University... their program is excellent,  but I am worried about life in Karachi, especially since I like getting out with local people.  I love wearing a kurta and I would somewhat "pass" as Pakistani even walking down the street. I'm most worried about my wife, who is Kazakh but looks Japanese.

SO I have two main questions:

Is it possible for my wife to get around safely, and even possible to find somewhere to do gardening (her favorite hobby)?

Is the air pollution as bad as reported, and how do people deal with it?

Thanks for any information, John

Hi John,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Do Not be too worried...Karachi offers the same ups and downs as any other metropolitan city in Asia...

You and your wife will be fine so long as you know where you are going (there are no go areas in the city) find out as much as you can about the city from your hosts (Habib Uni)

other than that its a great place to be...very cheap lots of fun places to visit and great restaurants

Air pollution is bad depends again on what part of the city you live in

i totally support comments form Eman

Hi John
I would suggest, carry on with your Kurta and go all the areas (exceprt sub-urb or no go areas) Karachi is one of the most lively city in Pakistan, beautiful beeches, metropolitan lifestyle, best foods and so on,, how ever you must know the right people who can introduce you right places, as far as your wife look , there are many with similar Kazak look in northern part of Pakistan, if she wear local dress , hardly anyone will mark it. If she can speak English ,even would be no problem in mixing people. Good luck and be excited,, Dont be worry

john placed this post more than a year ago. He must be living peacefully somewhere now since he never communicated on this forum. :)

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