Best place to live in Cambridge with a family?

My family is moving from the USA to Cambridge next year.  We have (2) kids ages 5 and 9.  I am trying to find a nice place to live.  Where is the best place to live with a family in Cambridge?

Also, am looking for recommendations on schools as well.

Depends on your budget! Try this:
and this:

I don't know about schools at I don't have kids, but I lived in Cambridge for a year. I lived about 2 miles out of the centre just off Newmarket Road on Ditton Walk. This whole area was lovely. The River Cam is a few minutes walk and it's surrounded by Stourbridge Common which is beautiful, but you're also close enough to walk into town.

Hope this helps.

I am moving to Cambridge in Fall 2015  with my 12 years old daughter. Last October I went to visit Cambridge and we saw a school that we really like is call Parkside Community College. I saw many good schools it is depends on where you lived and if you are looking for a private or public school. You can write or call the Cambridgeshire County Council. . They really help.
Good luck!

Most of the very diverse communities in metro Boston do not have as good schools as the affluent communities but they are not entirely bad either and the communities themselves are more affordable. Malden, Medford, Somerville, and Cambridge itself come to mind. Quincy down on the South Shore is a good choice too but a little further away.

I would like to recommend my home city of Boston because we are one of the most diverse if not the most diverse communities around but most of our public schools are terrible and the few good schools are very competitive to get into. Scratch that idea then.

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