Malaria treatment.

What are the different cost between Quinine,coartem,and artusimate.  IN   treating  Malaria ,any long term problems?

I suggest you google them and get the latest information. Quinine is usually given when the artimesean is not wotking. The one used here is generally artimesean but there is a worry in East Asia that there is resistance because people don't complete the dose etc. Never heard of the other one

Quinine is less effective these days against malaria. In Africa the treatments used for malaria attacks are coartem and artusinate. I agree with hkann in that one needs to complete the treatment cycle and take all the tablets at the required dose rate.
I purchased both coartem and artusinate over the counter in Juba South Sudan and apparently they are available in other countries.
I had 5 malarial attacks in South Sudan and all were successfully treated with the above tablets.

This reply may be a little late but hope that it may offer some sharing benefits.

I relied heavily on artesunate during my long stay in Ghana.

Hope this drug is still available

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