Expat loneliness - Does it get any better?

Maybe it's just the loneliness of old age creeping up on us...

No, it gets worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had the same experience as you, but mine got even worse, because a truck driver almost killed us one sunny morning. We were the only two cars on the road, and the truck tried to go into us as we legally passed him. I have been abused by workers in a variety of hospitals, I have 9 screws, a metal heal and half a metal tibia. I need the surgery to take them out now, but the insurance company, Fidelity, refuses to pay for the surgery. I can get public surgery, because I don't know anybody. I am a cripple in constant pain. By the way, my c2 in my neck was also broken and I have four herniated discs. THE DRIVERS HERE DON'T BELIEVE IN RULES OR COURTESEY. WATCH OUT. I will be leaving my, "TRUE lOVE" my Portuguese husband of 38 years on June 18th. I'm an expat American. GET THE HELL OUT OF PORTUGAL, BEFORE THINGS GET WORSE, AND THEY WILL. This was my second near death car accident here. I lost my front too in the first one. FIND ANOTHER LOVER, OR TAKE THE ONE YOU HAVE NOW TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, OR I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.

Eileen Vicente

Best of luck to you, Eileen Vicente.  May I ask where you are moving to?

Hi Pam

Your story of your life in Portugal sounds sad

A great Irish saying is

When it is raining look for the rainbow

When it's dark look for the stars

I know this sounds simple but perhaps you could invite people into your world

Hope things improve


OMG ! it really that bad ?...what makes it so bad or so lonely ?

Wow sure had it real bad girlfriend.......have you left yet ...where you headed to ??

Very lovely words Mate...think Pam might be already gone though..

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