Average salary for a web developer


I'm George from Lebanon. I have been twice to Jordan (AprilI & August 2014). I find Jordan to be a beautiful country. I got attached to the country and the people there that I'm considering relocating to Amman. I would like advice on moving to Amman and working there. What is the average salary for a web developer with a 2 years experience? Is it easy to find a job as a foreigner in this field?


you can look for online, do you can php and joomla?

I do know PHP but not Joomla. I looks like I can't apply to jobs requiring to be a resident since I live in Lebanon. I'm actually more concerned about the salary since I found out that they are not that high.

The average salary is not high in Jordan, may I ask how much you will earn eventually if you decide to move here?

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