Visa on Arrival Process for New born baby....Saudi Arabia

Hello , i'm planning to bring my wife to KSA next month for delivery . i want to know the process of new born baby passport and registration .She will be on a visit visa.
so after the birth do i have to process a visa for my child to go back to India?
August is expected  date of birth .

Thank you.....
on 2015 October my daughter came come to Saudi Arabia on arrival visa i got Port entry no. And did all all process and i got my daughter Insurance Card & iqama

Now Last sept 2016 i went to annual vacation, when i was go to air ticket agent for issue my and my family return ticket. That time that agent asking about my daughters visa stamping. Its must? can i do a visa stamping??

please advice....

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Thanks for the valuable info. one more question please.
Do we need to get Birth certificate of infant with saudi embassy attestated in India, at airport during on arrival visa or for making Iqama?
My family with 2 months old baby will come next month Insha Allah.

Syed Haris

We are Canadians living in the US. We are going to Saudi Arabia for one month for my husband's work. My husband and I will get visas, but how do we get a visa for our 4-month old baby?

Anajay, how did the process go for you and your baby? My husband and I will have visitor visas but I don't know how to get a visa for my 4-month old baby. Can you please let me know the steps you took in as much detail as possible? Thank you

If anyone is travelling on visit visa and taking dependents with them, then the issuing company should apply for the staff as well as the family including the child so you could all travel together.

Also If on dependent visa, then the visa is to be applied for all family members and travel together.

It will be a business visa. Are dependents allowed on that? Or babies less than 6 months?

If the visa is issued for the child along with the business visit, then they can come along with the parents.

What type of visa would need to be issued for the child? Escort visa? Is it difficult to issue and attached to business visa?

There is no escorted visa but to be issued as dependent along with mother.

Halo hope its bit a old post still I want to know about the attestation of the birth certificate? Is it compulsory thank you

HLo Harris did you get the ans what you have asked for if so please lemme know

Hi, Is this procedure still same ? Because, I am planning to bring our new born baby end of July. By that time our baby will be 100 days old.
Also, what are the documents required ?
Any one adivse please ?

YEa the same, birth certificate and vaccination certificate

How to take new Insurance for Newly born baby outside KSA. Baby is born in India. Is taking insurance is must? What documents, procedure is for making Iqama of Newly born baby outside kingdom? Plz spelt out clearly. I will be very greatful. Thanks.

Hi ,

can you please confirm, is still visa on arrival still applicable for new born baby 4 month old to travel from india to saudi. I have two negative response from mumbai agent states saudi airlines sends circular not to send baby on visa on arrival and today noted MOI site ( that written in FAQ ,need saudi embassy,india stamp before travel.

what is your view

thanks please advise



we are going for vacation this month [July 8 is our flight schedule], my baby is 8 month old [she was born here in saudi] here iqama is under process but unfortunately the government agencies [Jawazat] are still on vacation till July 9. can my baby exit the kingdom and enter when we come back. please help me because the one who process the iqama of my baby is the hospital i am working under. i am really pissed off! I did my part i follow it up every time and it seems they are so relaxed.

is not possible to go out with out iqama and you cant take exit re entry also ......


my wife exit- re-entry expired.. i apply extend the visa mofa approved.. now she have visa.

now problem is my kid visa.. he 7 month how to get visa single..

before 6month direct on-arrival visa after 6 month what is the procedure.. please help me..

U need to apply for the Residence Visa for your Child .

Thanks for reply,

what is the procedure for my kid...

can you tell me required document... please

Same way u applied for the first time for your wife. You should be applying for the Visa through the MOI-Abshir portal.

In addition Birth Certificate should be attested from MOFA Saudi In home country. ( Arabic/English).

Medical Card for the Baby ( which shows vaccinations etc).

thank you

Hi please help I have been newly  recurited for job in ksa I have 2mnth old baby I ll b getting iqama after I joined there can I take my baby on my visa  please kindly guide

Some of my friends said that we need arabic translation of birth certificate of newborn baby in the airport.. Is it needed?? Wat are the other datas needed in airport for a newbornbaby except passport???


I need to know that if any changes occur in the visa on arrival process, because i am preparing my documents based on information above( which is 2 years old). So kindly update me, also is there any stamp like saudi embassy or consulate stamp need on paasport, birth certificate or vaccination certificate in india. Your guidance will be appreciated. Thanks.

Birth Certificate should be attested from saudi embassy in your country. try to contact any visa stamping agent for more information in your city

Dear All,

Iam currently in jubail . My wife and son went back to Pakistan for the birth of my daughter. My wife and son had a single entry/exit visa uptil 20th Dec 2017. My daughter  was born on 27th Oct 2017 and I am planning to bring them all back to KSA before 20th Dec 2017. But my problem is that I am going on Final exit in Jan-2018 and I don't want to process the iqama for my daughter who is only one month two days old today. I just want to bring them here to see my daughter.

I was informed by etimad office in Pakistan that my daughter visa will be stamped in pakistan (visa fee 3000) and she can travel to KSA along with her mother. And once they both are here we only have to go to Jawazat office and declare that my daughter is going for final exit and they will issue the Final exit on my daughters passport. In this way I will avoid paying SR 2000 as iqama fee for my daughter.

Can someone guide me on this.


Thanks for the information, i talked with one agent in delhi, he is asking information print from jawazat for me and my wife. I asked my frnds but no one told this is necessary. Do any one know about this.

I am working in Riyadh and i want to bring my wife and my son (3 months) on visit visa , what will be the process for applying for visa for my son?
My wife already visited SAUDI before so I know how to apply for my wife but there is no option for kids.

You can apply for family visit visa for your wife and son. Fees are SR.2,000 per passport.

Use the below link :

I brought my 4 months new born baby to Saudi, at Delhi Airport they asked only Baby's passport and his Birth certificate and after reaching Airport they asked Baby's passport  and my iqama number, not asked birth certificate and medical certificate. they wrote visa/border number on Passport and Baby photo captured.

now I have to follow for insurance and iqama.

Sir i read the article as to how to get new born in KSA,,and also got all information but have lil doubt ,.that some told that along with passport we need baby polio immunization it true ,,if yes where can we get it from,,just tell me sir I need to know soon ,as I have very few days left thanks

No polio immunization certificate required..
Some told it's required ,,and if yes how  to get it
And after coming here in KSA ,how can we get vaccination for baby

Thank you dear for your info,

I had followed the above procedure and succeed. yesterday my family was traveled from Mumbai to Jeddah.

Could you pls send a copy of polio immunization certificate of your baby?
We are planning to travel with my month old in a week and my baby's pediatrician is asking for a sample to type on letter pad.

Thanks in advance

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Hello ,

Did you get the print out from Jawazat? Kindly share your input as currently am facing the same issue.

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