Visa on Arrival Process for New born baby....Saudi Arabia

Hi Shijooj,

I have same problem for my baby on onarrival visa, I have border number & stamp is there on my baby passport, But my insurance company is saying its has to link with father iqama to get my baby iqama insurance to show in jawazat online.
& I check my ashir account my baby border number is not updated. so please tell me I have to go Riyadh airport to update this & then insurance for my baby will show online in jawazat to get an iqama for baby.


Assalam u alaikum
I m dr Muhammad junaid .I want to bring my wife in february 2016 .she will be accompanying our baby who will be about 2 month old at that time .my wife is coming first time on family visa .did I need to get visa for my newborn baby at that time as his mother does not has iqama or baby can come with his mother only with passport and birth certificate ???
Please reply
Thanks in anticipation

Dear Mr. Arif,

Please share your experience how you are managing issue of your baby? Have you got the iqama yet or not?

Please also let me know from where did you travel for KSA? I mean to ask how you managed to get the boarding card for baby and how you tackled with the airline staff at check in counter regarding baby visa?

In KSA, where did you made landing on which airport? And did you face any sort of issue at the counter? The staff on airport was aware of on arrival visa and they stamped the entry and border number easily or you had to wait and meet the seniors there at airport?

Please do let me know in detail as i am also planning to bring my baby like this procedure...

I can not find any written info regarding this on any airline website and neither on any saudi governmen website. If you or anyone knows any such link where this info is available, please share as it would be a good reference to show at the time of boarding...

Waiting anxiously for your reply...

Hi Arif,
It was the problem with me. Actually the problem with the insurance company. Your insurance company has to link your baby's insurance with CCHI system. This same message was given to me from my insurance company.But i approached the corporate office of insurance company and they did it for me. This same issue with one of my friends in Tabuk and he sent his baby's insurance details to insurance head office and they did it for him. Just contact the insurance company.....

Visa on Arrival Process for New born baby....Saudi Arabia
This is the latest information to bring your new born baby to KSA.
My Daughter is 3 month old & last two month back she entered in Saudi Arabia by visa on Arrival Process. (Saudi Airlines)
VISA ON ARRIVAL: You should have your child passport & it seems that his/her age limit should be less than 6 months. You have to buy an infant ticket for your child, original passport & original birth certificate of child is required. At India during immigration you have to tell them new born baby only(my baby entered from Hyderabad India). They will check your child passport , original birth certificate & stamp immigration departure stamp on the passport.
When you arrived at KSA Airport, you have tell them new born baby once again. They will stamp entry stamp & write border entry no on your child passport.

That’s ALL.
Iqama Process for new born baby after arrival in ksa :

1. First you have to get  Insurance Card for your child which is mandatory.
2. Medical of child (medical for Iqama) at hospital where you will get medical certificate.
2. At the same time you have to make vaccination card for your child. You have to show old vaccination card which you have brought from India & Here doctor will make new vaccination card for your child.
3. Iqama Copy of parents, Original passport & copy of your Child.
4. You have to fill the iqama form-you will get it from any office opposite to Jawazat, They will charge you 10 or 20 SAR to fill it.
5. Deposit SAR 2000 under your Iqama as dependant entry visa fees collection.
6.  Take Jawajat appointment it is now online, you will get it from any office opposite to Jawazat, they will charge you 10 or 20 SAR & give you online appointment hard copy.
6. Once you got appointment go to Jawazat with all above documents, wait for your call, submit the iqama form-one child photo need to paste on form,  original medical certificate, parents iqama copy, child passport copy, child original Passport, insurance card copy.
7. You will get Iqama Card on the spot.

Case : (Baby boarder number is not linked with father iqama at arrival airport):
When I started to my baby medical insurance , But the insurance company said boarder number of baby is not linked with father iqama.   so her can not get the insurance. But my insurance company told visit to passport immigration office and  update your baby passport boarder number to baby father iqama in the system at passport immigration office arrival airport. Is it required to link father iqama to the boarder number & then Allahudullia I got my baby iqama.

Dear Doctor

I have the same issue, please inform me also if you found any solution. sorry for inconvenience

Navez Khan

Please share your experience how you brought your baby to Saudia and from which country?

Anyone brought baby from Pakistan for this on arrival visa?

Please share experience how it went, what you said at Pakistan Airport? Did they ask questions or stopped you initially that you cant take infant without visa to saudia? Did they understood easily that babies get on arrival visas?

Thanks Altaf for the information.
Can you please let me know, Birth certificate and Polio immunization need to be attested by Saudi Embassy in India or not.


Dear Arif,

Have you attested your child birth certificate and polio immunization by Saudi Embassy in India.


attestation is not required.

I am going to pakistan to bring my family with new born baby. Let me know, there is no visa required for 2 months baby.

Attestion not required for on arrival for baby certificates.

From Where I will get polio immunization certificate.Is it required any attestation.
Also tell me birth certificate original is required or copy is enough at cochin airport immigration?

polio immunization certificate u will get it from doctor where u have done vaccination for your new born baby No any attestation required.

keep both original & copy of birth certificate but they will not ask you for this at immigration,

They required only infant passport, ticket as mentioned my previous mail.

Thank you for your valuable information, I am planning to bring my newborn baby who has more than six months and less than one year. My wife is already having visa but baby doesn't have  visa. Can i bring baby to Saudi by only passport?  Could you please provide procedure to get visa for my baby to enter Saudi Arabia.


Dear Sir,

I am irfan, i want to bring my new born baby to saudi by on arrival visa process. As since 14th  october new iqama rules are implemented, does this new rule will effect visa on arrival process. Kindly adice.


Please note that all Pakistani expatriates must have visa stamped on baby (infant) passport to travel to Saudi Arabia. Immigration officers in Pakistan will not allow infant to travel to KSA without having visa stamped on passport. It normally takes 3-5 days for visa stamping work from Eitamaad Service. No appointment is required at Eitamaad offices for infant visas.

Please share latest Process for " Travelling new born baby from India to Saudi Arabia " ??

You need to visit the Saudi embassy in India and get a visitor visa (dependent) for 90 days, then convert it to an Iqama once you are in Saudi.

UNLESS, the baby is born onboard! :)

My wife already have valid iqama !!!!

Yes, but the baby does not.

Re: Visa on Arrival Process for New born baby....Saudi Arabia

Dear shijooj
First of all Congrats... u got a insurance and iqama for ur baby. I m Althaf, My daughter came to Saudi Arabia last 3 month back he is only 8months old and was issued on arrival visa from King Fahd international airport Dammam they mentioned the border number in the passport but the same is not appearing in the system. The insurance provider couldn't make the insurance as the border number provided didn't identified me as the sponsor of the kid. Later this was resolved by visiting immigration office at the airport (@ international arrivals, downstairs, close to parking area). The immigration officer at the airport linked border number to my iqama. Whats the next step? how can i issue insurance card and Iqama? What should I do to update the same. Please help me......Thanks

My family exit re-entry visa was expired while she was In india but iqama still valid. Now i have a new born baby in india.

Could you kindly advice what is the procedure to bring them in the Kingdom.

shall i need to apply new visa for my wife & baby?

Visa on Arrival Process for New born baby....Saudi Arabia I want latest arrive still i am confusing Please help me I want to bring my new born baby 3 months old from india my wife have valid iqama.

Hi all,

Me and my wife are currently working in saudi but my wife plans to go on final exit for delivery and wants to come back with new employer. I will also travel with them with exit reentry visa going back to saudi together with new born baby. Will they accept visa on arrival for new born if the mother is not on exit reentry visa?


Dear All,

Let me share my experience to bring a new born baby into saudi arabia.

My baby was 4 months old ( No visa exemption till 6 monthly only).

You need birth certificate, passport of the baby, Mother passport , father passport  & iqama copy of father. ( passport copy of father if not travelling with infant).

Before ticket they will check the exit-rentry  visa for mother/father online and the birth certificate of the baby.

The immigration officer will also check the same. U you immigration stamp for the child in india.

After arrival in saudi arabia, you need to inform that it's a new born, they will take you to seperate coutner ( in jeddah) and put the visa no & border no for the child.

To start the process of iqama for the baby.

(Iqama process done on 1st dec 2015)

You need the medical insurance for the baby. To get the medical insurance of the baby some of the companies directly do it on passport or some want the visa copy of the baby, As there is no visa stampted on the infant passport. The mandoob has to get the visa copy from the jawazaat and that should be submitted to the insurance company to make the insurance.

Once you have insurance you need to get the form. Available online as well as can be filled outside kandra jawazaat for SR.10/-
You need two pics of the baby.
Original passport of mother&father&newborn (If you have more dependents it's advisable to carry them too)
Original Iqama of mother & father ( if you have more dependents just carry original of them aswell ).
Xerox copy of the baby & father & mother passport.
You need to deposit 2000 sr into your iqama account ( can be done from any bank).

As far as jeddah is concerned kandra doesn't work with appointment system. So you need to be there by 7:00 to be first in queue anyways the officer will report by 8:00.

Submit the same to the officer After approval he will tell you the window number from where you can collect the iqama for infant in next 10 mins.

Mind you there is only one counter in jeddah kandra, Ist floor, Extreme left corner counter. I don't remember the no.

As mentioned above the medical for the infant, the medical card etc etc are not requried. I got the iqama for my baby with just what I mentioned above.

Hope it will help my expats brother.

So there's no need to apply for a visa from your home country before bringing the baby here? Is there anyone else who has done this recently?

Yes brother no need visa for new born baby,I was arrived yesterday with my 3 months old baby but must keep original birth certificate with you.

Dear Friend,
I want to bring my 3 month new born baby to saudi and i already booked the tickets for both mother and baby on 10th march 2016 . when they arrived to saudi my baby going to complete his 5 months (159days). Is it possible to bring my baby with in this time period to get on arraival visa.
After the delivery my wife already visited  to saudi without baby for renewal of her exist re-entry visa. is it make any complications for getting on arrival VISA.
Please help me to over come from this subject.

I bring my 4 month baby to ksa on 23 jan 2016 by visa on arrival process ...from the airport they added baby under my iqama ..

I am bringing my two month old baby from US. I want to know if it will be a problem since my husband is in KSA and I'm travelling alone. Also, do I need certified immunization  record or just a copy from the doctors office would be fine.

Hi everyone, we are planning to bring our baby on visa-on-arrival also. My wife has re-entry visa but she is NOT my dependent..she is a nurse. Do you think there be problem?

Dear Team,

Pl share current rule for New Born baby arrival to saudi from India?

Assalamualaikum brother,

  I will be travelling with my new born from India to Jeddah, In sha allah in March 2017. Is on-arrival visa for baby still applicable or are there any changes according to the new visa rules? Please note that the baby will be 3 month old while travelling and i hold a valid iqama which expires in May 2017.

Jazakallahu khair for already provided detailed info. Please let me know the latest rules at the earliest.

Walaikum Salam ,

Visa on arrival is still applicable if baby is less than 6 months.
i brought my daughter last month(9/10/2016) from India on arrival visa.

Dear Sir,

I would like bring my new born baby in on arrival visa,
I had baby passport, Polio Immunization Certificate,mother and father valid iqama .
my question is baby birth certificate must need any type of attested in india before submitting to SAUDI CONSULATE  for passport  stamping.

Please reply as soon as possible.


Hello Sir,

Is need any type of attestation to birth Certificate of new born before submitting it for saudi immigration in saudi consulate in mumbai (India)

Why you want to submit passport to saudi consulate for stamping if you want to bring baby on arrival visa

To get immigration

Is there any procedure to follow in India before coming to Saudi Arabia like immigration stamping in Saudi Embassy in India ?

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