Teaching at Cambridge international school

hi want to know if anybody has experience teaching at Cambridge school. What's it's like ?

Hello rybeena24 and welcome to :)

It would be great if you can introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about you?
Did you get an offer from the Cambridge international school actually?


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Thanks for the welcome.

Yes I did for September 2015. I'm coming from the Caribbean alone.

Cambridge International School For Girls
Cambridge International School for Girls School, Doha, provides an education based on the National Curriculum for England to students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The school prepares students for the IGCSE, AS and A Level, following the Cambridge International Examinations Board syllabus. The school is managed by the Taleb Group.

We strive to achieve and maintain high standards in education and pastoral care, focusing on the all-round development of the students. The school provides an excellent platform for students to develop leadership and interpersonal qualities. The students are actively encouraged to participate in all the activities that the school offers. We also prepare students to become global citizens in an ever-changing world, by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to be active members of society.

The education students receive at Cambridge International School for Girls, Doha prepares them to obtain admission into the leading universities throughout the world. Cambridge International School for Girls, Doha is an International school comprising students representing in excess of 50 nationalities.
CISG follows the National Curriculum for England. In addition to the subjects that are included in the teaching of the National Curriculum for England, the CISG places significant emphasis on preparing students for leadership and world citizenship. The inclusion of Arabic (MFL) and Islamic studies is an integral aspect of the unique difference that the education at CISG provides for pupils.

The school's programmes provide numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership and world citizenship skills across a range of subjects. Students are encouraged to develop skills of independence, organization and leadership; to become creative, sensitive thinkers; and to develop communication and decision making skills. They learn about the world and people around them through the introduction of current issues into the curriculum, in addition to developing an awareness about different countries and cultures. These two aspects of the curriculum are aimed at helping students develop into tolerant and mature individuals who are confident, responsible, and flexible individuals ready to meet the challenges of the world.

The school follows the National Curriculum for England. Three main subject areas are offered:

Core Subjects
Core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) and ICT.

Foundation Subjects
Foundation subjects include History, Geography, Art, Physical Education.

Additional Subjects
Arabic and Islamic Studies, Design Technologies, Environment Management, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.

CISG offers IGCSE in Year 10 and 11 and A Levels for Years 12.
The school is equipped with facilities for information communication technology (ICT). It is resourced with four ICT Suites featuring individual student workstations, multimedia projectors and wireless technology.
The four Science labs are the scientific source for laboratory equipment, speciality chemicals and science educational products. They are equipped with pH meters, microscopes, laboratory scales and glassware.
The school has both a Primary and Secondary Library, which facilitate the educational process of the school, the hub of reading and literacy activities, and helps the students to gain more knowledge in different areas.
New Art & Music rooms, Audio Visual rooms and a Drama Auditorium will open for 2010, expanding the school's performing Arts programme.

The Secondary students will have their own library, ICT facilities and Sixth Form study from 2010.
The school grounds complement the spacious, purpose built campus, which is centrally located.
The Jungle Gym provides the opportunity for Kindergarten pupils to enjoy more structured play using climbing apparatus, see-saw and so on.

The 25 meter covered swimming pool is flanked by a tennis court and a grass sports field .
The indoor sports hall is air-conditioned and used mainly for PE lessons and school activities. It provides the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball and badminton. It is also used for gymnastics, dance and other indoor games.

A clean and well-stocked canteen sells snacks and drinks provided by the Grand Joud Cafe and Restaurant during break times. Hygiene and strict quality control are a priority.

The care and safety of students is of great importance. The school has a medical room under the control of a registered nurse and all cases of injury or illness receive medical attention. If specialized medical aid is required, emergency transport is arranged to take a student to the hospital and the parents are contacted.
Admissions Procedure
All children are welcome to apply, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion. Our schools are truly international institutions. We have limited places for students with special educational needs but do not have spaces for children with severe or complex educational needs. Admission to the school depends upon the availability of space in the appropriate age group and the school's ability to meet the needs of your child. The offer of a place is not solely dependent on these criteria. Further information such as a recent copy of your child's school report or interview with a member of the senior leadership team may also be required.

Priority will be given to students who have a brother or sister attending the school. Priority is also given to the children of staff, although this is not guaranteed.

Students will not be admitted into a year group outside of their age group unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The prescribed minimum age for admission to Kindergarten is three years of age.

If you withdraw your child from school, you will forfeit the term's fees, irrespective of the number of days your child has attended during the term.

Please note that from Year 8, there is no automatic promotion of a student from one Grade to the next.
Registration / Re-registration

These are the steps you need to go through in order to secure a place for your child in the school:

Check there is a place and collect a pre-registration form from school. Complete the pre-registration form and take it to the Registration Offfice along with the supporting documents (photographs, valid passport and residence permit copies).

The Registrar will check the application form and the availability of a place according to your child's age.
On payment of the non-refundable assessment fee, an assessment visit will be aranged. This will include an entrance test for children in Grades 1 to 12 and a possible interview. Results of interviews/ examinations will be given to you within a few days and if your child reaches the required standard s/he can be invited to join the school. If the place is accepted, you will be required to sign the declaration form and pay the non-refundable registration fee, first term tuition fee, textbook and uniform costs (and transport fee if applicable), together with a refundable interest free cautionary deposit.

Where the classes are full you can submit an application to go on to the waiting list.
Parents need to pay the tuition and transport fees from 15 days before the start of each term.

Address P.O. Box 23018, Al Nuaija East, Doha-Qatar
Landlines +974 44659106 / +974 44671530; Fax: +974 44659093
E-mail cisg[at]

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Thanks Wilson.


Did you accept the job here? I've just been offered a job at TCS and it would be great to talk to someone who already made the move!

Yes I did but left after 4 months. It would have been sooner but the exit permit prevented me because of I want to leave before December I'll have to get a gaurantor to sign on my behalf that I'll be coming back. If I don't return then that person loses 3 months salary. If you can do better avoid. Join ISR and read all about there.


Why did you leave? I got an offer letter there today. Can you please explain to me what you didn't like about the school. And how were the accommodations?

Thank you


I have taken an offer at CISG and feel that it would be a good opportunity. I know and have been speaking to two people who currently work out there and have been enjoying it.

Only thing they have both said is it is totally different to the UK so if you don't think you'll settle for a big change in the way it is run then possibly not a good idea.

Do not bother. They seem very disorganized. I had a scheduled interview that was early in the morning because of the time difference and they called me even sooner without giving me a heads up and made me do the interview even though I was unprepared and caught off guard. They clearly dont look at resumes before sceduling interviews because the interviewer was looking for something completely different than what I had to offer on my resume. So dissapointed and they really made me feel incompitent it was really upsetting.

Saramor11 :

Do not bother. They seem very disorganized. I had a scheduled interview that was early in the morning because of the time difference and they called me even sooner without giving me a heads up and made me do the interview even though I was unprepared and caught off guard. They clearly dont look at resumes before sceduling interviews because the interviewer was looking for something completely different than what I had to offer on my resume. So dissapointed and they really made me feel incompitent it was really upsetting.

I have no idea why you felt " incompitent".

I think this is one of those situations where you have to look at your own abilities before attacking a school.
If the school is a Cambridge IGCSE centre, that would mean your (British) English language skills have to up up to par, and you simply don't have those skills.
Your spelling is atrocious and your grammar way below IGCSE standard, but you're blaming the school for your failure.


Planning on moving to Qatar this August and have a job at CISG. Just wondering about people's experiences of working there, how they found the cost of living, ability to save abd travel etc. Also the fact that private health care has been a concern so I'm looking into my own- has anyone experienced the state provided healthcare system?

Kind Regards


The fact private health care has not been included in my contract that oart should have said. Thanks

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I currently live in South African; however, I am an American. I have a job interview at Cambridge International this Sunday. I am not sure for which school or position. I have my Masters' degree in General/Special education with two years teaching experience. I am reading a lot of horror stories about this school; however, I won't judge a book by its cover.

I am interested in the pay that this school provides to expat; particularly to one with my background. I am aware packages differ; however, I am looking at a ball park figure or examples of other expats employed here, etc.

It’s a pleasure to meet everyone.

I decided not to take the job as they do not offer the multiple exit permit which other schools offer so during times like now where there is tension they are within their rights to not let you just leave. Additionally they don't offer private medical insurance and treatment is expensive. Saying that there were many benefits- transport to and from school and to the mall as well as a chance to earn bonuses so
.. Depending on how much exoerience you have you could be looking at about 12,000 QR a month.

Thank you for the reply. May I ask, what would be a good package to consider? Of course medical is very important, as well as travel expenses, etc. Nevertheless, what should I be looking for in a package, while considering working aboard?

they all offer flights, check for shipping allowance, private medical insurance,extras are transport to and from school as this will save money.  if its Qatar- check the permission on the exit permits whether you can buy a multiple permit and leave whenever or only a single permit so you need permission each time


Can you tell me how The Cambridge School in Doha treat its employees.  I am intending to Join them

Avoid at all costs!

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