Hungarian wanting to meet with any other expat Hungarians :-)


I am coming to Mauritius with my Hungarian fiancee (Katalin Feher) on the 23rd April and she would love to meet up with fellow hungarians as we are considering moving to Mauritius and would love to speak to you and get some advice and obviously have a coffee and enjoy the sunshine  :)



Are you still here in Mauritius? We are thinking about the same, maybe to move here. That would be nice to meet. I hope i`m not too late with this message.

Take care, Csilla

Hi Csilla,

We left Mauritius and are going back in September. Are you still there?

Let us know


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Hi! We also left Mauritius, but planning to go back again. Now we are back "home", in Hungary. Keep in touch. Csilla

Where abouts in Hungary do you live? We are going back in October to get married. Whilst there, we want to see if we can open a business there and maybe move there permanently. What are you plans?


Sanj & Katalin

Hi there,
Sorry for the late answer. We live in Budapest, Hungary. We are also thinking about setting up a business down there. That would be better if we keep in touch by email. :)

Hi Csilla and Sanj

Apologies for joining in this discussion.

Have you both made the move already to Mauritius?
My husband (Hungarian) and I are also planning to move to Mauritius and will be opening a business there.
We are currently living in South Africa and we are flying to Budapest/Hungary in July 2016 and hoping to move by end 2016.

If you have moved already, I would appreciate any advice and tips from your experience and the business that you started?

Thanks in advance.



My wife is hungarian and we have been living in Mauritius for about 3 years now. I might be able to help/advise regarding setting up a business here.

I registered a business myself when we 1st got here and am now working in the Financial sector.


Hi Anish

Thank you for your message.
I will send you a PM.


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