Working an living in North Delhi...?

Hi Everyone!

In some weeks I will move to Delhi, I will be working at University, Arts Faculty, which is located quite in the north of the city (metro Vishwa Vidyalaya). I read in this forum that the best places to stay are in South Delhi, but I'd like to know if there are also nice areas in Old Delhi / North Delhi, close to university? Or would you still recommend me to look for an apartment in one of the neighborhoods in the South like Jangpura, Lajpat Nagar...? Thanks for any tip or information!

Dear Dunji,
First of all I would like to say 'Namaste and Welcome to India.
Basically I am from LADAKH.But, I have been living in New Delhi from the past three year's and I have some of my cousin's living around North Delhi University campus.
As of I know most of the ex pats live in south Delhi.But there are some good places in north Delhi as well.Some of the few places are :-
1.Civil Lines
2.Vijay Nagar (single storey)
3.Indra Vihar
3.Kamla Nagar

Kind regards

Hi Eli, thanks a lot for telling me! :)

Hi Dunji,

My name is Saurabh and I lives in south part of the Delhi with my french & Italian flatmates. I lived in North part of the Delhi while studying in Delhi University for more than 5 years and now living in south part of the Delhi from almost 5 years now.

It depends what you actually looking for while working here in Delhi. If you are looking for some night life, pubs, bars or hangout places then most of the popular places are in South Delhi. Also, the major expat crowd lives or prefer to live in south Delhi as also its easily connected to the neighboring major cities like Gurgaon or Noida. South Delhi has a lot of historical importance because many major monuments and centers fall in South Delhi.

I personally know a huge number of expat crowd here in Delhi but most of the people who even works or studies in North Delhi lives in south part of the Delhi. General average time, travelling from south part of Delhi to University is around 1 hour which could be an issue :/

Still, next to North Delhi I can recommend you places like: Hudson lane, Outram lines, Model Town, Kamla Nagar etc. and especially advice you to avoid some neighborhoods as it could be quite difficult as expatriate to come and settle down. South Delhi have vast number of choices according to your budget and living preferences.

I will Inbox you more details.


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I will be in a similar situation this year (my work is near DU North campus), but I would definitely consider living in the South Side. I've lived in Delhi before & think I would probably look for spots in Lajpat Nagar or even Hauz Khas despite the 1/1.5 hour commute.

I would love to hear about other North Delhi options from others, though.

you can look for a flat in hauz khas or green will take about 40 mins for you to reach to DU north campus from hauz khas( south delhi) .its a good area to put up from an expat point of view but if you want a residence near the university,you can look for flats in civil lines or kamla nagar.Though you wont find much foreigners living there but the area is safe and people are also friendly.

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