Searching for some expats to hang out with -preferred age around 20-30

Hey there everybody,

My name is Markus m/23 , I'm from Austria (not Australia - we only have cows no kangoroos  :D ) and I live here in Pattaya since almost a year.
I'm looking for some nice and funny expats, preferred age around 20-30, to hang out with (go for movies, checking out restaurants, sports, everything...).

I thought I should give Internet a try as there are mostly old Russian men living around my area  :D

Would be great to receive some replies from some folks (male or female doesn't matter  :top: )

Best Regards

Hello Markus,

Welcome to Expat-Blog..:)

So how do you find Pattaya?


don't think you will find many expats 20-30 in thailand

@Yuveshen - Thanks :) Pattaya is great on one hand but quite bizarre on the other. But I really like to live and work here. At least it's much warmer than in Austria  :D

@Happynthailand - According to your answer I guess you're age 30+  :D  there are surely some people around and it's never wrong to give it a try at least  ;)

Hello Markus :) Nice to see a younger expat like me in Pattaya. We are a rare type in this town. I work here until June, so we could hang out some time if you want to :)! I'm 20 years old (Probably the youngest expat on this forum, but thats how it is), and from Denmark. Where do you live in Pattaya? Central part, north, south?

Hi Emilks,

Nice to meet you  :cheers: I knew that there have to be some people who are below 30 years old. With 20, you are probably the youngest expat in whole Thailand and not only on this forum  :D
But yeah, young expats are pretty rare, especially in Pattaya. (moderated: inappropriate comment)

I live in Jomtien, but very close to South Pattaya (Bun Kanchana Alley near Underwater World). Where do you stay? Would be great to hang out sometimes. Maybe you can send me a private message with your Line ID?  :top:

Best Regards

I've sent you a message now :)

hi guys :)
im from France 27 years , but in august i move to Pattaya/Jomtien for study my bad english :)
i have fammily retired in pattaya so all years im going in :)

im coming with my girlfriend and one friends so we can stay in contact ;)

Hi Markus,
What do you do in Pattaya? I've heard it's a pretty busy town. I'm currently working in Chanthaburi which is about 2/3 hours away if I'm not mistaken, and so far I have yet to see any expats.

@Mikaschtroumpf - Hey nice to meet you. I've added you already to my contacts. Just let me know and send a message when you're here in Pattaya in August  :top:

Best Regards

@tymikakane - Hi, nice to meet you. I only live in Pattaya. My workplace is near Rayong (around one hour away from Pattaya by car).
Yeah, let's call it a "busy" town. Probably one of the weirdest place I've ever was but also quite fun to live here. How's Chanthaburi? As far as I know it's not really a typical expat town, right? But yeah, it's about 2-3 hours away from Pattaya - depends to the traffic.

For how long have you been in Chanthaburi so far?

Best Regards

Nice to meet you as well! I've actually been to Rayong, it was quite nice. As for Chanthaburi it is lovely but it is not an expat town whatsoever. I've only been here for about 2 weeks so far, I'm absolutely loving the weather though! :)

very nice to see young people in Thailand..

Can we hang out? Im a filipina in pattaya

Nice to meet all of you. That's so true ! Young expats are difficult to look for . If I am going to pattaya I will surely send you guys messages or if you guys coming over to Samut prakan you guys may let me know too :)

Hello all friends.. I only been here in pattaya for two week but found a guy and a girl from this forum to hang out will be great if our group get bigger..hope to hear from anyone living in the pattaya area..PM me ur line id ..

Hi everyone! My name is marius. I'm 26. I'm currently living in Surin but I'm planning to come to Pattaya or Sri Racha in October together with my girlfriend. Would love to meet some new people. Please add me or her on Facebook. I just found a group on Facebook called 'Young Expats in Pattaya, Thailand'. It hasn't been used on a while but i'm thinking we could use that. I'm really excited to talk to some westerners.We are the only people in this part of the world :)) and we've been here from may. I'm really looking forward to some people to hang out, go to the cinema and some restaurants also let me know if there's anyone interested in rock climbing and going on bike rides. Add us on Facebook if you want. My name is Marius Pui and my girlfriend's Davina Sanders.

Hey ... Would like to join in...  Is there any meet up being organized soon?

Working on it  :D

Yes we are meeting for charity event tonight..could you pm me your line ID?

Hey :) If there is an other meet up soon I'd really like to join you :)

Hey Markus...I'm Sean from Ireland.
I hope to be in your possition in a few months..
Mail me
Take care mate

Is this topic still going? lol

I'm 27 living in Rayong (which is near Pattaya) from next Monday up until August.
Would like to meet other expats to hang out with on weekends.
BTW, I am Jonas, Brazilian, aber kann auch Deutsch.

Hey there :-)

Well, after almost 3 years I'm still living here and built up a small expat community in Pattaya over Facebook.
Feel free to join the Facebook group "Young Expats Pattaya" (Closed group) to meet some of us here or you can simply send me your Facebook contact by message and I'll add you :-)

Best Regards

I've been here about 2 years now I'm 18 years old and only just thought to search for a website like this on the internet. @MadMaggo I will check out that group on facebook!

Nice to meet you all.

Hi Markus,

I'm in a similar situation to you 3 years ago! I'm about to move to Pattaya (1st April) and would love to meet some like minded people to hang out with. I'll be around for two years!

Can I join your group?

See you soon!


hello everyone,

my name is Barbara, a Spanish 29 year old architect currently living in Pattaya. I d like to meet other young people to hang out and meet in our free time.

@Markus I just contacted you in Facebook,

hope to hear from you guys!
thanks :)


Finally, there is an expats community in here. Im living in Pattaya for 1 month already and also was looking for a group to join.
***- Markus, it will be nice if you will add me to the group in Fb.

Hope to see you guys)

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Finally, there is an expats community in here. Im living in Pattaya (Jomtien) for 1 month already and also was looking for a group to join.
Hope to see you guys)

Hi! My name is Nele I recently moved to Pattaya too. Looking for younger people to hang out with. Im female, 28, living in Jomtien :)

Drop me a message!

Hi, my name is Michael and I also just moved to Pattaya.  If anyone would like to meet for coffee/drink please send me a message :)  Also if there are any runners here, I live right next to the park in Pratumnak and can be found there often.

Thanks and take care :)

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