how can i live in lithuania? Please any help

Hello everyone,
well this is my situation, i'm from Algeria and i got a tourist visa and i already visited Lithuania and i have a lithuanian girlfriend there, and i will go back again next week but i only have 18days remaining in my visa.

now would like to kindly ask you all few questions:
- how do i manage to live in Lithuania?
- how can i stay there? what should i do to get a permit to stay?
*** MOST IMPORTANT can my girlfriend sign any paperwork telling the immigration authorities in lithuania that i will live with her? if so what are the required documents?
- where should i go in Lithuania to ask for papers to sign or any arrangement they might need to prove that i will live with my girlfriend (we are not married yet)
- i know that if i have a permit to stay i will have to go back to algeria and apply for a different visa again right?
but what type of visa should i apply for? and is there a risk of refusing it?

*** MOST IMPORTANT where is the embassy of lithuania in algeria?? i can't find it?? where do i apply for a visa to Lithuania from algeria?
*** MOST IMPORTANT where is the Algerian embassy in Vilnius? or somewhere else? where is the immigration bureau in lithuania???
i'm really worried and i'd like to have info before i go to Lithuania to gain time.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hello hoobastank7000,

Welcome to Expat-Blog..:)

I would advice you to browse the topic Information on visas in Lithuania while waiting for replies from members.

Have you tried to browse on the net if there is no Lithuanian Embassy near Algeria?


Hello hoobastank7000,

First I would liek to tell you not to panic. Second, there in no Lithuanian embassy in Africa except in Egypt, so you need to make a trip there. Also I do not think they can extend your stay in Lithuania, unless you are doing something that is not a threat to the state (this is what the Lithuanian Government says) so you need to statr a business, or attend a university or if you trully love your girlfriend, you can marry her (but please do not marry her just to be able to stay in Lithuania, she is a person and should not be used).

If you need more advice, you can ask more questions.

Dear FelixOB
Thank you so much for your replay and help, i do love my girlfriend and will never marry her out of profit i do not need to stay in lithuania i'm very happy in my own country but i only need and want to be with my girlfriend so i'm willing to stay in lithuania for her, but i was looking for an other way apart from marriage for example living together in an apartement and for that get a stay permit? i know they have that kind of option in france and sweden but i don't know if its possible in lithuanian law. anyway i actually found the embassy of Lithuania in warsaw and i'm going to contact them, thank you again.

thank you, i Did my research and i found lithuanian embassy in warsaw i will contact them and explain my situation, and if i find any solution i will share it here for everyone

hello bro thx for this advice specially when you said humen not for used i hvae a girl friend in lithinia and i really wnat go to her along time we are together and hard from many side to be together so if you know i hope you will show me the easy way how i can do it by the way im algerien and there no consulate in here of lithinia i hope you can help and thx so much  :)

Hi well what I can say is I think talk to her and marry and you will be here as soon maybe one or two months or she need to invite you that it.. And wait and see.. Talk to her, maybe god help you to come here.

thx bro you really help with your words

You welcome

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