Moving to Yanbu

Hello Friends!!!
I got a job in Luberef-Yanbu Refinery but through Al-Hugayet Contract. Does anyone knows whether it is fine to work under a contract or not. Also does luberef confirms the contract employees in future.

Well most of the people work here under contract system, I would say more than 95%. Now is that OK or not that can only be decided by you !! By the way nothing is confirmed when the contract period gets over.

Thanks for ur reply dear.
Is it compulsory to submit our passports to contractor for getting Iqama.

ok my friend but u non muslim so this is your bed luck my friend come hear u understand how much trbol this place for nonmuslim okay bye

To rujjwal,

Could you please share with us your experience of the troubles you have gone through in Saudi Arabia being not of the Muslim faith?

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