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Hi we would like to unschool our kids and thinking to move to Tenerife.

But it is very hard to find out something about homeschooling on Tenerife.

I already found out that it is not legal but also not illegal. But that is all. Couldn't find out if there are any regulations.

Like in AU were they are totally free - unschooling the kids and they don't have to make any test - no regulations - they can learn there way.

Does anyone know something about homeschooling on Tenerife and can help us - because if it is very hard or they have to make any test then we have to think about somewhere else.


At the moment, as far as I know, there is no legislation on homeschooling. It is not illegal but it is not recognized either. So you are going into a very grey area. You might find this page helpful:

Did you ever move to Tenerife? We are Unschoolers and will be there in June 2016! How old are your kids? Mine are 5 and (almost) 2. We'd love to meet up!

Hello Nimior87,
we did not manage to move to Tenerife yet but we are still planing for it. Definitely we will come for vacation in this year before we move and we would love to meet up.
Our son is 5 years old.

My son is 5 also! We should be there by mid-June through September (at the very least). Definitely let me know if y'all come in that time. I know my son would love to meet another traveling kid :)

Let's stay on the topic of "homeschooling" please here.  You are invited to use PM for side discussion between members or to arrange meet ups  :thanks:

Romaniac Experts Team

We are planning to move out to Tenerife to live around the same and we have a 5 year daughter who I am considering homeschooling too. We should meet up also

We live in Tenerife 4 months each year, we have 3 children that we homeschool, 13 year old son, 5 year old daughter and a baby 18 months. We would love to know if there are other homeschooling families that we could meet up with during our time there.

We're going  to move to tenerife in Janary. Our children are 5,3,1 and we'll be unschooler as well.  We'd love to meet other families   :D

We'll be there in January so that would be great, also in touch with two other 'world schoolers' who will be there at that time.

Back to the original subject. How does home or unschooling look like now? Any regulations? Do you need to register the kids somewhere? Can they do exams at schools to be able to go to university one day? In short how does it look like?

Hi there, we are coming out to Tenerife on the 10th, we will be there until at least early January and we Home School our 14yo boy. Would love to meet up, we are in Los Abrigos

We'll be there then with a boy 14 in March, are you on Facebook? If you join the 'World schoolers' group, there is a handful of Home Schooling/unschooling families meeting there this winter, All the Best

Hi! I will be in Tenerife since December with my home educated playful, creative, nature lover 9 yrs old daughter. Would be great to meet with others! Probably we will stay till summer when accommodation, some job possibility work out brilliant.
In case you need sometimes or regulary extra pair of hands, I'm looking for au pair etc work as well as working for creative Project. I have lots of qualifications, incl degree in education. Lets connect with each other unschoolers, homeschoolers, worldschoolers!

I would like to learn more what locations are the homeschoolers staying across the Tenerife?
Have you met ohter homeschoolers this winter? What meetings are comming up next?
And also: is there any cooperating between homeschoolers for renting the house? Included single mothers with child(ren)?
Would be lovely to meet, play, explore, study and cooperate!

join this group, we can then arrange to meet up

Is there a Facebook group for homeschoolers in Tenerife? We are moving in Feb and have 4 children soon to be 5(: I just found this thread. New to this site... love to know any other place I can learn more about homeschooling in Tenerife. ❤️🙌🏻❤️

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