Wanna meet up with English speaking people in Bordeaux


I am Jordan and i live in Bordeaux for 3 years now.
I am an international Basketball player and i wanna have some good times with some nice people. ;)
I use to live in England with my Girlfriend who is English herself and we have since moved back to France together.
I am looking for some English speaking people in Bordeaux to hang out and have some fun with.
I can show you around Bordeaux if you are new or just have a drink somewhere.

Let me know if you are interesting,
Jordan Luce

Hi man how u doing, I m just 6 months in france. I not speak nothing English. I use to live in England as we'll but I just decide to change the country. So here I am. Hope for best in france. If u want to catch up one day for drink one beer ,  that will be nice man. So take care

Hello Jordan, I've just arrived in Bordeaux one week ago and I'd love to meet nice international people to hang out and enjoy this beatiful city. I've also lived abroad before (Dublin) and I've travelled to several places in UK so I think we might have common things to talk about. À bientôt!

Hi Marina,

I hope everything is fine for you in Bordeaux so far and you enjoy this amazing weather we have had!
Why did you come in Bordeaux? Did you come with some friends?
I am glad you message me cause i was looking for english speaking people in Bordeaux for a while and i couldn't find any because i didn't really have the time with my job..
Which area have you choosed to live in?
Now comes the time of the Tricky question: What about FRENCH!!?? Can you speak or are you learning?

Hope to hear from you soon,

I've come to Bordeaux for a 6-month internship in online marketing in a local startup. I've come alone, but I'm already meeting some people who are in similar situations (internship abroad).
This weekend I've moved to my appartment in Chartrons, so I've been a little busy settling. But I've still had the chance to enjoy the weather :)
About French, je me deroule et je peux le parler. Mais il faut dir que mes convesations en français ne sont si interessants comme s'ils était en anglais ou espagnol. J'ai encore mal à m'exprimer. Mais je suis sûre que je vais beaucoup améliorer parce que je suis totalement immergé par la langue au boulot et dehors.

What about you? What do you do in Bordeaux? Is being a basketball player your main ocupation?



can you tell me more about bordeaux the people and their ways of life. i am intend coming over for my master programme. also can international student get job over there?

Hi, I saw your ad on expat that you would like to meet android hangout with English speakers. My name is Salome from Nigeria living currently in Strasbourg and I am doing my master degree bilingual course in ethics and society at the university of Strasbourg.I would love to come to Bordeaux and visit you and your girlfriend And also, I just applied for a summer job in bordeaux but the problem now is accommodation.

Hi marina,

My week has come to an end in England and now i am back in Bordeaux.
Would you like to meet up this week?

Let me know if you are free,

Hello Jordan and everyone else,

I am Nikola and have moved last year with my partner from Barcelona to Belvès, a lovely little village in the Dordogne (abour 2 1/2 hours from Bordeaux), where we are setting up a house renovation / custom furniture making business.

Would love to get to know more people in the region, so if anyone is in the Périgord Noir a weekend I would like to meet up.




My name is Zoe, I'm 25 years old and Canadian. I am here in Bordeaux for one month taking a language course. My French is still in the beginner stage - but I am learning slowly! However, it would be refreshing to speak my native language with some people because it is much easier for me to communicate this way!

Hi Jordan,

I am not sure if you are still in Bordeaux but I am a girl from Australia, travelling to Bordeaux for the first time and I really wanted to meet up with locals and hang out basically. As I will be there over Christmas, I really would like the company, the guidance and also to practice abit of french.

I am pretty easy going, and well traveled, however i usually know at least one person when ever i have traveled to a new place. I do not know a soul in Bordeaux. 
As a personality I really enjoy anything. I like food, wine, I love to chat and just wander.
If you are around still please drop me a line.


Hi Nicole,

I am still in bordeaux for an other year actually so our ways are definitely gonna meet! I am a professional basketball player for bordeaux. I travel a lot with my job all around the world but I've got to admit that I've never been to Australia and I would love to one day!
Are you coming on your own to Bordeaux? And why over Christmas? Is it to experiment the French Christmas atmosphere and the lovely hot wine haha, which I wouldn't blame you for!

Where are you gonna stay and how long are you staying in bordeaux for? Also are you travelling around France after or heading back home?

I would happily be your guide and show you around. Bordeaux is a wonderful town full of great sights, and lovely people and places where you can always have the best time!

I will give you my email cause my expat-blog account doesn't tell me when I have a message from someone... ****

It was nice to receive your message and hope to hear from you soon,


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Hi Nicole,

I'll be in bordeaux from the 5 to the 23 then I come back to bordeaux the 27.
Let me know what your plans are and I'll help you with pleasure.


Hi Jordan,

Thanks for such a thorough and nice reply.

Yes, I know, winter in France isn't probably the best for the visuals of roaming vineyards and warm light.
I have been to France before in summer and it was charming and beautiful. But never so far south west.

I have always wanted to see Bordeaux. Mainly for the wine! I have a love of wine being from a wine area here in Australia and Bordeaux has such a good reputation.
Originally  I had thought to take a course in wine appreciation but everything seems to be shut down over Christmas time.

I will be travelling alone, which wasn't really planned. My ex and I booked it together for 3 weeks over the  holidays (being a teacher my longest holidays fall over Christmas) but we broke up. So I am continuing on with the trip alone.

Being there over Christmas time alone wasn't really what I wanted but then realized the whole travelling community networks that exists and found this site. Travelling can be one of those tricky things, you wan to experience all the city has to offer but doing it alone can sometimes be daunting or unsafe - you never know until you get to the place, I guess.

I would love to take you up on your lovely offer of guiding me around. Its always such a better experience when you have a locals advice and company etc. So I'd be really appreciative to meet up and be shown around the city.

I booked a house that is next to the Capucins Market  for a week on air b and b and after that I wasn't sure. I thought Ild plan the following 2 weeks once I arrived.

By the way, what an impressive job you have! That must provide a lot of great experiences.

Well,I look forward to meeting up and chatting further. Do send me your email, I've popped mine below also.

Talk soon!

x nicole

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Hi Nicole!

Lovely message you sent me, thanks for replying.

(The forum doesn't let me read your address email.. so I don't know how you could send it to me.. would like to talk somewhere else than here)

It's a massive shame for you and your ex.. I am sure you would found this trip fabulous and fascinating! It's wonderful and so romantic!

As you said many wine places where you could try them are shut over the winter.. but you can still try them in special restaurant.. not the same price but you come from far away like you do you have to haha

The area you have rented is lovely, ando perfectly surrounded by sights! AirBnB is awesome for that! Public transport in bordeaux are absolutely fabulous.. no need to have a car there! You can do everything by yourself!

The Christmas market is gorgeous and the hot wine is also fantastic! Many famous restaurant where people travel to go to are based in bordeaux and they are absolutely incredible! I am myself a huge fan!
Absolutely recommend them to you! One called Entrecôte is for me the best meat I have ever ever eaten in my whole life trip!

So think about sending me your email cause I don't know how to get it.. maybe private message me

Thank you,

Hi Jordan,

I recently moved to Bordeaux to start off a PhD. We could meet up if you are interested.

Also, I play ball (played with the uni) so that could be a common point to start off!?


Hi there :) I m an Italian guy living in London and visiting Bordeaux :)
I am a musician and an artist :)
I m in the city right now. But I don't know anyone.. Want to hang out? :)

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