Great day everybody.
I am not sure if this site still works, just giving it a shot and maybe somebody can help me with my situation.
I am from the Philippines, and my boyfriend is from Portugal.  I am now living in the Netherlands.
We wanna get married but the rules seems to be so strict that we cannot just do it.
It maybe stupid to ask, but do you know if it is better that we get married in the Philippines and apply for family reunification visa for me to go to Portugal, or is it possible that we get married in the Embassy of the Philippines in Portugal? Possible have more questions to ask, please write to me if you know anything smart to do about the issue.
Thank you.
hugs from us

Hello VenusKevin25,

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Hope you got some good responds to your questions.

Marjorie :cheers:

hello, it is better you come to portugal and married here in lisbon with your boyfriend.
you allready here in europe and if you have  resident permit  in holland , you do not need visa to come to portugal.
the embassy of philippines in lisbon, portugal in does not do weddings.
you must marry in conservatory in lisbon.
i m married with a filipina here in lisbon, and i m a portuguese.

HI, thank you. :) very informative.  But my boyfriend already went to the conservatory and they said it takes time before they approve the wedding, and they have been similar cases and until now are still pending.  They advised us that my boyfriend finds job in AMSTERDAM or I get a tourist visa in PORTUGAL, WHICH I THINK IS REALLY WEIRD. . . : (

good day, your boyfriend should go to the conservatory of MARQUÊS de POMBAL in LISBON bcoz is the place where all the filipinos get married.The people of that conservatory  they know how what to do.
And the filipinos citizens they must go to the EMBASSY OF PHILIPPINES IN LISBON for the requiments to marriage before to go the conservatory.
I m telling many filipinos marry in Portugal every year.
find the filipino catholic comunity in portugal in FACEBOOK and talk with filipinas , Nory for exemple , she can give many information and other ones.
good luck.

I'm  a newbie in this forum :)
I know this thread has been inactive for a year, but I was hoping anyone can shed some  information.

I'm from Philippines and my fiance is Portuguese who is working in the U.K, we are planning to get married however we have some problems regarding the absence of Portugal's embassy in my country.

If we get married here after the marriage we have to wait for a month to have our marriage certificate, we both have to go to Indonesia for the registration of our marriage in Portugal's consulate, then I have to go back to process my visa.

The trips to Indonesia requires visa for me, and of course waiting time for the appointments and money.

Would you think a marriage in Portugal is better?

or is there any other way to make it easier and economical?

hoping someone would be so kind to help.

Hi woud like to know if you have gathered more information about your situation? Because we are most likely in the same state. Hope you could share some info with me also it will be very much appreciated.
Thank you

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