Registrations for Primary and Secondary schools in Gozo

Saw this on Gozo news and thought it might prove helpful to anyone moving over to Gozo with school age children. … o-college/

When we visited "The Happy School" in Victoria they made enrollment sound very straightforward and were incredibly helpful. The headmaster even took my daughter into pretty much every class in the school to introduce her. Some of the things that I wasn't expecting were the use of interactive whiteboards, tablets (which the children were allowed to take home) an active extra-curricular programme and a holistic approach to education. It very much seemed to be that if there were problems then they could tackle them more freely and more directly (although obviously this was a very high-level overview that I had).

I've enjoyed following the headmaster's blog ( as it gives a real, honest account of running a Gozitan school as well as an insight into aspects of Gozitan culture.

Every now and then I have moments of panic where I think "Am I doing this move for all of us, or just me?" Only time will tell, but it's taken working two jobs at 60 hours a week for 18 months to put money behind us, so one thing we're not doing is jumping into things. I'm glad that I visited the school as this allayed some of my concerns and the headmaster and teachers looked engaged and excited about the future of the school, which for me is a big plus.

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My kids have been at Victoria Primary, Gozo for the last 3 years (my daughter actually left last year to go to secondary school but my son is still there). My son is so proud of the fact that he goes to the 'happy school' and considers himself very lucky because other children don't have a happy school! Information is forthcoming via the school blog and on Facebook too and in English so no problems there. The headmaster is great and the kids love him.

The school blog is a valuable source of information as a parent, but also for others who are considering moving to Gozo in particular, to see what does go on at primary school.

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i was wondering if anyone can share their experience and overall impressions of the Our Happy School in Victoria?  We recently had a wonderful visit in Gozo and toured this school. We thought the school looked very nice.

What is the quaity of education there, say compared to British or Canadian systems?
Is it entirely taught in english? I am not sure about having my boys start learning maltese. Would anyone know if there are any other schools in Gozo that only teaches in english (ie. no maltese lessons)?  Can anyone recomend any english only private schools?

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Future possible Gozo residents!!

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