Does anyone know of IVF clinics in GuangZhou?


I don't know a specific clinic for your health issue, but I recommend to look out for the latest "That's PRD" magazine.
You can get it at many bars and hotels, for free. It is completely in English and has a list of modern clinics in Guangzhou and/or the PRD (Pearl River Delta). I found a good clinic there which took good care of my nasty bacterial fever this year.

perhaps i could help you coz i am a nurse here in a public hospital. there are several hospitals which have this service.such as Nanfang hospital, Zhongshan hospital . if you need help you can contact me. it is for free. by the way, one of my best classmates works in this kind of clinic in Nanfang hospital. maybe she could help you. my contact number:13570247765


Hi hemisphere! Could you please write in English in the anglophone forum so that other members could understand and participate in this discussion.

Thank you.

中山大学附属第一医院(The First affiliated hospital of Zhongshan University),中山大学附属第二医院(The Second affiliated hospital of Zhongshan University),广州市第二人民医院(The Second hospital of Guangzhou city),广东省妇幼保健院(Mother and Child health care hospital of Guangdong province) and 南方医科大学南方医院(South Hospital of South Medical University).

Thank you hemisphere! ;)

Hi Michelle, It is one of the reason why i am planning to move to guangzhou.. do you have any idea about it's expenses there for ivf ?

perhaps around 30000 RMB

Sun- Time Hospital Of Infertility

Can you tell me about IVF treatment

Any contact number in china

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