Relocate to USA

Hello South Africans   , Im living in South Africa  and would like to relocate , find employment and live in USA Im a male 34 years ! Hook me up people with right connections to bring reality to my vision

Hello I can be glad to connect with South Africans who are living and working in US !

If youre in any part of the world and would like to come to South Africa can give you info thats at my disposal

Hi Zwelivumile Qokweni,

I have created a new thread with your post on the USA forum for more visibility and interaction with the other members.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Salaam everyone,

I guess it is my turn to be hooked up, would like move to the Red Sea region, any members out there with how much the cost of living is down there. what towns are safe for an older Sister to live alone.

thanks for your help

Salam everyone
about the question about the red sea region i have a company there and the situation is very safe  the Egyptian people like the foreigners and the prices for rent is very low you can rent a big furnished flat with sea view only by 150 dollar for month and coast of living is very suitable , and all the place is part of paradise  :top:

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