Japanese is looking forward new friends

hi there,
I'm Japanese expat here in BKK.
28year old female lives in the city. I'm looking for fun and outgoing new friends.
I love hang around, explore new places, chilling at cafe, cooking, home party , playing instruments, going to clubs/bars, and travel...any things!
Hit me up :)) I speak Japanese, English and Thai a liiiitle bit.


Hello Harukama

I am Pawat. I would like to make new friends who can speak English with me. If you have Time, I can show you around.


Hi My friend

i'm a Thai and I can speak , read, write Japanese and Thai.
My sister live in nikko, Japan. I need to know you and share experience together, please let me know you. ID line, telephone number and
e-mail to paris.jan007[at]
    See you later

Hi there,

Welcome to Thailand. I live and work in Japanese firm here for 6 years.
If you need any advise or guidance don't hesitate to ask me. I can speak Japanese, English, Thai and another 2 languages.


Hello. Welcome to Thailand. :)

I am a Veteran looking to move to Thailand and wondering if there is other Vets that might have a community there?

How long have u been in Bkk?

if you have line networking...
wiill b very

i like japanese foods
hope to hosted you here...


I live in Bangkok, from America, but I was just in Yokohama--so nice there. 

I'm not so great about meeting other expats due to family demands but eventually I guess it could work out, so maybe you could post here if this goes in that direction, a group meeting.

One subject I get around to going on about is tea, but being from Japan you'd know more than me, about Japanese teas, and they'd probably be the easiest to find in Bangkok.  Even Fuji supermarket probably has a decent selection.  But if you know something else about them I'd like to hear it, even though Chinese teas are my favorite.


I am an outgoing Thai who love travelling to Japan. If you don't mind we can share about many things or travel together.

My next trip is to Samui in May.


Hi, I think we have lots to share I live in Tokyo and visit Bangkok frequently, I speak ok Japanese and a few words of Thai. Give me a shout there are loads of places to explore in Bangkok, if you like cocktails I discovered the best cocktail bar ever!!


I'm not sure but you might wanna check GI based in WWII. For sure, I think e-sarn, and chonburi has a big group of American there.  :)

hi,how are you,i'm rick,working and living in bangkok,i would like meet new friends,nice to know u

Hi there, i am looking for full time japanese teacher, can u refer me some of your friend who r looking for job? Thanks

I am Thai guy which really like character
Of Japanese lady. I have been to japan
Many time and notice that they are so gentle , soft and polite. I wish I could have a Japanese friend who I can talk with and enjoy time together. I can speak little of Japanese and I wish you can be my teacher too. I can show you around and we can have enjoy time together.

Hello.. i am erwin. Perhaps i can be your friend. I live and work in bangkok. Please add my line id if you dont mind. Line id: erwin19
Looking forward to hear from you..

Hi I'm Sarah you can add me on line my I'd sarahlowkeeeng

hi,i'm RICK,American born asian,doing business in bangkok.i would like to be your friend,my line id is Chai Ronnie,thanks

i'm Rick,nice to meet u here

Hi.. rick. What kind of business u do in thailand? Perhaps we can share our experience. I could not add ur id line. Its not exist.

Not sure whats up with this blog. want to answerabout wanting to move to Thailand and when I clk reply says Im replying to Japenese wanting new friends......??? >>>>
Any how Im a retired yank living in Thailand. I too was a vet here in late 60's. 1967 - 1970 to be exact. If the right person receives this write bak and well chat.....   :)


How is bkk treating you?? :)

I sent you a private message. Please check :)

hi,i'm Rick,nice to meet u

I am looking for some Japanese friends in Bangkok.
I am from Hawaii.
I like to speak Japanese.

HI..I am Noni from Nagoya, Japan..Live in Bangkok..I work for famous Japan Automobile company & responsible for
ASIA business. I can speak various langauges including Japanese..
My Line ID xxx
Add me...Just explore the world..

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Hi, my name is Steve andI'm interested in learning Japanese, and making friends as well.  I'm currently working on my MBA here in BKK, hit me up on line.  xxx

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Hi, I'm Paul from Ghana currently living in Phuket. I would like to be your friend  if you don't mind? I speak English, a little bit of French and Afrikaans because I lived in South Africa for more than a decade as a teacher.
Feel free to ask me any personal questions.
Have a good one!!


Nice to meet you here.I am also easy going expat working in Bkk.If you are fee during weekends let's catch up

Hi Rajesh,
Thanks for contacting me. You may inbox me your contact details  so that we can chat.
Have a good one!!

Hi there,

I'm planning to move to Bangkok very soon for work. I heard that bangkok is a beautiful so  It would be great to have some company and have fun with someone. Let me know your contacts, I would love to stay in touch when I get there

Until then Stay well.


Hi harukams ,
I have 1 Japanese friend and I like going to 80s 90s music band in sukumvite it a nice little pub closed at 11.30 pm so it wont be late night for you. if you are interested inbox me for my contact in.

Hi! Still on the lookout for friends? I really wanna meet and be friends with a Japanese. We can chat on LINE if it's ok. thanks!

Hi! You probably have made alot of friends by now. Do consider one more! Drop me a message if you are still open to make friends!

Konnichiwa Nice to see your message. It seems that your hobbies are similar to me. I am Noni work for Asia business in big group. I can speak various languages including Japanese. Lets communicate more to.know each other. My Line ID is naveengems
Add me.

Hi, still need to get new friend if so you can find me in facebook

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Yo. If you in Bangkok call this number he is my best friend he is also Japanese xxx you will make alot more friends

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I see this thread is a year old..  I've just moved here (Ekkamai)
Finding it hard to meet people.
Anyway wd be cool to hook up

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