Reasonably priced transportation from PC to Coronado

Hi, I'm looking for info on getting to and from the airport in PC back to Coronado. I've seen the shuttle service for $100 each way but I'm looking for a less expensive option. If you have any information on this I would appreciate it. I would be traveling with my luggage.

Take a taxi to the Albrook Mall and then take the bus from the Albrook Bus Station to Coronado.  Luggage will go underneath the bus.

If you check out the Panama For Real blog, there are instructions on how to take the bus from Albrook to the interior.  Go to "Nuts & Bolts", select "Transportation in Panama", then "Taking a Bus to Panama's Interior.  There are other good reports on Coronado on this blog site, if you have not already discovered it.

Hey, thank you very much! I haven't seen the other site with the instructions but you've been a big help by just pointing me in the right direction.

You are welcome!  Even after living here for 8 months, the PFR blog is still my favorite blog.

Also, once you buy the new Metro 3-in1 card, it can be used to pay for the bus or the train. 

Enjoy your researching!

Hello ma'am me and my wife are thinking about moving to Panama. I see you on other post and just wanted to ask how do you like it so far? Any advice on what you think would make the transition smoother for a family of 3 with infant?

Hello there Supercad55,

From whom are you seeking advice ? Traceyusvi or PacificaMaryAnn ?

Maybe you should ask the "other thread" itself if your question is not off-topic on the thread or create your own thread on the Panama forum.

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U can take a bus from airport. I live in Coronado.

U can take a bus from airport. I live in Coronado.

Thank you. I've become pretty good at taking the bus in from Allbrook. I just need to get better at getting a cab from the airport to the mall for less then $20. I always feel good when I get all the way home for less than $20.😃

Busses run from airport to All brook.  I take them when going to California. Good luck

How about getting to Gorgona Beach from the International airport in Panama City?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Most taxi drivers rent the vehicle they are using for around U$46/day
they pay for the fuel, have to clean the car and pay for toll roads
these drivers wait sometimes for hours to bring you safe from point A to B
and also don't make any money during rush hours
offering a driver less than U$35 from PTY to Panama city is an insult

I'm referring to anyone constantly complaining about living in the country. So if you feel it's you you're probably right

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