How to transfer money without a bank account

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I have been in Jeddah for a week now. I was recently informed that i will need to be paid in cash as i am not yet a resident and am unable to open a bank account now. I really need to transfer money to my family in South Africa....
How can i do this wihth no bank account??


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Western union in Enjaz Bank.
Moneygram outlets.

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if you want , you need to go to speedcash here in balad.. 2nd floor of cornich balad.. he give u a remittance account number.. only u need is  fill up the recief,,or if you want  go to al raj remetance or in balad olso,,, bring your passport xerox copy..or iqama

Unfortunately, If you don't have a resident card (iqama) then you won't be able to transfer the money as mentioned above by some of the members.
However, you can take someone's help who has got the iqama, he/she can do that on your behalf.

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There are others also like Al-Amoudi Money Taransfer , AL-Rajhi Money Transfer and NCB Quick Pay . You must look out for nearest to your location. The Best from all what I advice is NCB Quick pay. Look for some one near you who got NCB Quick pay Account , as you can transfer money by any nearest NCB ATM machine or By NCB online Portal if he/she having online account. This way it saves your time and you dosn't need to go anywhere and dosn't have to stand in Q.

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I'm unsure on this point (so don't shout at me) but can you transfer money using a prepaid credit card?
I know they're available out there (with the Visa logo) but I'm unsure if you can get one without an iqama, or load them up without the same.

Just tossing an idea into the ring - opinion?

No idea about the pre-paid card. When I was first in Saudi I didn't get an iqama for a long time - months - and couldn't send any to my home account. I finally got a colleague to help me use Western Union, by using his iqama, but didn't fill out the person's name I was sending it too exactly as it appears on their ID, so had to go back and do it again. Each time the queue was 2/3 hours (bletch). That was a while ago and things may have changed for the better, insha'Allah.

A simpler option would be for you to hand the money to someone with an account, with all of the necessary international banking details. Simple, but do you know anyone well enough to do that?

how can i transfer money  to my native place

I got paid with a check , how can I send money to south Africa
My Iqama won't be processed end off Eid
I haven't send money home in 2 months it is critical to send money home

Please advise

Thanks in advance

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