I recently moved to feldkirch austria with my husband and daughter

Hi guys. I am a 24 year old south african female. I recently moved to feldkirch austria with my husband and daughter a week ago. I am a native english speaker with an EU passport. I would love to get to make new friends. Also I am unemployed and urgently looking for any position that doesnt require me to speak German for now until I learn the language. Any suggestions?

Hello mallorey Anderson,

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I would like to inform you that I have created a new discussion from your post on the Austria forum for better views and interaction.

I would suggest you to browse the forum Networking Austria to find new friends.

As for the job, I can advice you to try to post your CV on the Jobs section- Jobs in Austria.

Thank you

Hello Mallorey,
I currently also live in Feldkirch, I have been here for almost 6 months.
I'm not sure I can give much advice about English speaking jobs, it really depends on the position and company. In my domain (Software Engineering) for example English is a requirement so pretty much everyone in my team speaks English.

There are some facebook groups for Vorarlberg where people just help each others in generals, you see some job postings from time to time the group is usually in Vorarlbergerich, but I see no reason as to why they wouldn't respond in english.
I'm not sure about link posting here I can maybe give you these links in a private message.

You will also most probably get a weekly newspaper (If it's not in your mail box it's usually in wherever your building keeps newspapers)  with job postings in Vorarlberg and one from Liechtenstein as it's right across the border .  Since you have an EU pass, it's also possible to find work there.
Many people also work in Switzerland and live in Feldkirch as it's also on the border again your EU pass is an advantage here.

Hi Mallorey,

I'm Christy from Philippines , I'm living in feldkirch for 4 months, I'm looking for some friends as well , And looking  for some work but as of the moment I tried to focus to learn the language... It will be easier later on to find work...

Hey im nina, 24 also moved here recently and finding it hard to find work, also would help if i found friends. any of u guys finding luck??!

Hi Mallorey,

I am British and live the other side of Austria, in Klagenfurt. I work in Lech am Arlberg in the winter. Without German language things are never easy but I believe there are some native English speakers in the ski resorts Lech & Zürs who work as nannies, dog walkers, ski instructors or chamber maids.

It's probably not so easy for you, with a young child to look after though, unless you have relations who can look after him/her. Also try joining clubs, networking etc. Austrians like to talk English and you never know what might crop up!


Hey I'm also living in arnoldstein Villach Austria I'm from Jamaica and looking to meet new friends I'm originally from Jamaica

Hi Christy
Seems theres a few english speakers in Vorarlberg that can help and support each other.  Maybe the moderators can suggest how a local Vorarlberg forum can be set up on this site.
I'm from NZ and Lived in UK but here in Mäder since June 2014 with wife and toddler.  If you want to get in touch feel free to send a private message/contact request.
Cheers Mark

My wife took a CELTA course in Vienna, although other colleges offer that service too. She is now a Native English speaker in our local Hauptschulen! You will still need a German base to help the pupils out though.

I also recently moved to Feldkirch from Seattle, Washington.

We just got home from the wonderful farmer's market!

What sort of work do you do? I am also in the Software business and I work in Dornbirn.


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