Moving to Bogota looking for english school for my 7yrs daughter

Can anyone give recommendations on Colegio Gran Bretana, Gimnasio Vermont or any other English school for my 7 years old?  We are moving to Bogota in 1 month and need to find a school. 

Thank you! :)

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Hi Liliana,
My daughter attends Colegio Gran Bretaña and we love it.  We are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (US) and she has been attending the school since August of 2013.  This is her second year and she is doing very well with her studies and has really blossomed at the school. 

Good Luck with your search.


My daughter is 14 and attends Colegio Gran Bretaña and we love it.  We are originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and have been here since August 2013.  The faculty and staff members are very helpful and the school is small and very charming.  I am very pleased with my daughter's progress as far as her education goes, and am especially pleased in reference to their focus on group participation and presentation to an audience.  My daughter's personality and confidence has blossomed since moving to Bogotá and it is due to the school.

My daughter now goes to Alcaparros:

She was speaking Spanish fluently in 3 months and has maintained her English language. It is in the mountains of La Calera but the bus picks up in Bogota., a very beautiful school focusing on music, project-based learning and the arts. 

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