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Hello everyone,

My name is Laura and I am currently living in Birmingham, Alabama in the US. I work in the Healthcare industry and am considering accepting an offer to work in the hospital in Muscat. I am a single, 45 year old lady and have two teenage daughters. My daughters will remain in the US if I accept the position.

I have so many questions. What is the name of the area most Expats chose to live? Will I be able to find a furnished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment or will I be required to settle for an unfurnished place? What can I expect my monthly living expenses to be? Should I accept a monthly housing allowance or request that my employer pay these expenses?  Is it an easy process to transition to Muscat (banking, buying a vehicle, driving, etc.)? How hard is it to communicated/video chat with family back in the states since Facetime and Skype are not allowed?

I would appreciate anyone's assistance in answering my questions and giving any information which they believe to be helpful.

Thank you and have a great day!


Hi miss Laura
You are more than welcome to come to Oman.

Firstly, as you are a US citizen, your transactions and applications in governments and private sectors will be more that easy according to the recommendations of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Some times its easier than Omani.

You can find ready furnitured flat in center of muscat "Alqurum or Al khewair" with rate of 200 to 300 $ monthly.

For video chat you can use Imo or Hangout. Also you can use proxy for access Skype and all others.

Best wishes,

Pharmacist, Mahmood

I am an American and lived in Oman for all of 2014.
Oman is a great place to live , we have mountains, seashore and desert  more scenery than most of the Middle East.
Easy country to live in people are very helpful and friendly and very safe .
Climate is nice - we even have a "winter season"
I would not hesitate to move here .
I think furnished apartments are hard to find, predominately unfurnished.
Expats mostly live in Shatti Al Qurum ( diplomatic area ) or a complex called The Wave but quite far out of center city.
Must drive here no mass transportation except taxis, no central taxi service all independent
Gasoline is very inexpensive
Facetime works but service  is intermittent.
Hope this helps

Hey .

Welcome down. .hope you settling down good..let me know if you need to buy any US  based products which you don't find in the marts here in Mct.


Welcome to Oman ...

I am working as HR Manager and if you need any help please contact me. this is my email

I m neelam Latif.I live in Pakistan. I HV done master in physics+b.ed.I want to get a job in it possible that I can get job in oman??plz help me.I really want to come oman for job.plz give me suggestions.

I have finished college here in the Philippines and my mother is workinh in Oman. Where can I apply to get a job in Muscat?

Hello every1,

I am Asif from India. I am thinking of going abroad. But I am not able to make mind where to go either in Oman or Qatar. In Qatar I have friends. But cinsidering the currency rate of Oman, thinking of working there.

I have 15 yrs experience in secretarial, desk job. I want to go to abroad only to earn money.

Please tell me what is the prospect of geting a job in Oman?
Is Oman better place to get a job than Qatar?
Is it safe to work in Oman?

Thanking u all

Hi Laura,

Welcome to Oman, if you accept the offer. I have been here for over three years now and i find it fun and interesting. Depending on where you will be working should determine where you want to live. I would suggest Qurum or Azaiba as these are by far the best places to be .. I would also include the MQ area. Vehicles and banking are easy and you shouldn't have any issues there. As for skype or any of the other video conferencing media, I would suggest getting a VPN. I use Express VPN. Good idea to download it while in the states since sometimes here there are blocks on the internet.

Once again, welcome to Oman. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me @ gary_b[at]



Oman and Qatar are same .
Yes it's safe place and beautiful country

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