Moving in Dusseldorf - Best neighborhoods for me :)

Hi guys!
I've just found a new job in Dusseldorf and my boyfriend and I are going to move there in a few weeks!
Of course the first thing to do is to find a place to live but really I don't know where I should look for :)
I've read a lot of things about many potential good neighborhoods, but I was wondering if you could give me some specific suggestion based on my needs.
The company is located between derendorf and the rheine, so I guess I should find a place not so far from there. Starting from this I have just some preferences like:
- a safe area
- well connected
- a green area

And I guess that's it!

Thank you :)

Hello Hanabiko,

Welcome to Expat-Blog..:)

I would suggest you to browse the different discussions available in the Find an accommodation in Düsseldorf forum while waiting for members to give you more information

Thank you

I live in Pempelfort and I would certainly recommend it. It has everything I need and I rarely have to venture into town. Transport links are great and there are several parks. As for safety, you've nothing to worry about there. Düsseldorf is virtually crime-free...

Thank you very much guys :)
Do you have some special website to suggest me? I've found some very nice apartment but agencies commissions are so high!
Moreover I was wondering: how is the hbf neighborhood? I've found an apartment around there but I was wondering if it's safe around the main train station as well!

However i would like to come there and be in a temporary location for around 1 month (while starting the job and knowing the city better) and then move in a more permanent place. Do you think that it would be possible for me to ask for the residence registration (I need it to open the bank account and to start the job) giving them my temporary location? I've read that some office accept it and some other doesn't, but I really don't think it's a good idea to rent a place for 10-12 months before starting the job completely!

Thank you again for your help :)

Sorry but it's so long since I did it I can't even remember the sites I used. Don't pay any agency charges. You'll find an apartment without them. Hbf neighbourhood is fine and of course, convenient for transport. Like I said, you couldn't ask for a safer city than Düsseldorf, so don't worry. Police here have nothing to do, judging by the number of times I have been stopped for minor infractions on my bicycle!

Sorry again but I can't offer any advice regarding residence registration. You need to go down there with a German colleague and sort it out face-to-face...

I lived in Lohausen for the first few years, which is great for public transport (trams especially, the U79/8 will take you to all the DD stations you need imo) whilst still not being directly in the centre - and also has great amenities near-by. We're now in Angermund, which is a little more 'in the sticks' so nice and green, more established area but still have good transport. It just takes a little more planning and changes.

Hope this helps! DD is a great, friendly and diverse place with lots to do, eat, shop, drink, see etc :)

congrats in your new job!
I live in Düsseldorf and, like others said before, I can tell you that in the central area everything is pretty safe and quite well connected.
There are many parks, but if you want something really green, you would have to go a bit out.
For the place where your new job will be, I would recommend you Pempelfort or Derendorf too...maybe also the lower part of Golzheim.
In my experience, the best website for looking for appartments is ,you can filter there for appartments where there is no agency fees (Provision) to pay.There are more websites, but they have usually less offers and these are anyway also in immobilienscout.
Ah, there is this company that has many appartments and they are always without agency fees , I used to live in one of them and it was a good experience. They usually only publish in the website the appartments that are very hard to rent, so if you don't find anything nice there, I recommend you to contact them directly and they'll tell you if they have something more.

About the Hbf is ok and it is safe, but the 2 or 3 streets beside and in front of the station are quite ugly and the red zone is also there, so I wouldn't really recommend you that area for a long time.

About the temporary location, is it an hotel? or just an appartment for one month?
I am not sure if the registration works with an hotel, but I did here exactly what you want to do with a temporary appartment (I only stayed there for one month), but many years ago.
If I remember well, you only have to fill in a formulary (if possible in advance and bring it printed) and bring your passport (with your valid visa and work permit) and you don't even have to say how long you are going to live there.
The only "problem" is that when you move to the permanent appartment, you have to report it to the registration office again and don't forget to change your address for the bank, the insurance, etc.

I hope this helps.

cheers and good luck

Hello! I am pretty much in the same situation as the lady who started this blog!

All the info above was very helpful, thanks!

Hanabiko, may I ask what the solution was to your question? I am moving to DD in June but I am not sure where to stay before finding an apartment and on average how long it takes to rent an apartment. I have never used Airbnb before.. 

Any info would help :)


Hi Gigi,

I can't help you much, but it would be great to be contact. I am also moving to DD very soon and would take any tips from our experience.

Happy hunting!

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