"Loyal heart" animal shelter in MNE

Hi everyone.
Just wanna help to spread the word about this non profitable organization. One Russian lady named Janna Kaganovskaya opened a private animal shelter here in MNE, not far from Sutomore. She's now in process of opening it all on paper but it takes time and money so as of now they just exist on a small lot, 56 dogs and 4 cats, and the number of animals is constantly growing. Janna and her volunteers keep on collecting poor stray animals all over the country plus kind people sometimes deliver animals they find in trouble. They provide medical care, vaccination, dewarming etc - all necessary.
"Loyal heart" gets zero support from the government or any local authorities. All financial support comes from Janna herself and small amount of kind people from local expat community, mostly Russians, and some Montenegrins also help from time to time. But since the population of animals is constantly growing they are always in need of food, meds, warm things like blankets and money to pay for vet's services.
But most important thing is to find families for these animals. Since the shelter opened last year dozens of animals were adopted and live happily with new owners, giving them all the love and care they can provide. Several dogs now live out of country, they left Montenegro together with their German and British owners, some immigrated to Russia.
If you don't mind I'd like to post their stories from time to time here in order to inform other expats that such thing as this shelter exists.
Moderators, is it OK to post some certain info like link to their web site or owners' contacts? Is it OK to promote "Loyal heart" a bit using community? I got zero commercial interest and like I said this is charity and my wife is now volunteering for them.

Thanks in advance

Hello Filippok,

I would suggest you to register the organization in the Directory- Associations and NGO in Montenegro with all the details you have stated in your post.

Thank you

I think it is wonderful what you are doing! I am  a Big animal lover, owner of four dogs and four cats.
We have just come back from a month in Montenegro and was appalled at how many dogs and cats there is in need living on the streets. And only a small number of beautiful people like yourself trying to control and treat these poor creatures with lack of money and government support. When we where there we witnessed  the poisoning of dogs by the state.
My heart was breaking everyday when i went out and about. I currently have three dogs in foster care there. I am not in a position to take them home with me nor am i in a position to keep up the payments of their care. i just could not walk away from them as they where so in need.
i do hope that the mods allow you to keep up this post and allow many others as i know how much work and expensive there is in re-homing  stray animals and as you know some never know the love and comfort of a forever home.
Please keep up the great work and hopefully one day their voice will be heard through yours and no animal may ever suffer from neglect again!

Will do, thanks! But is it OK if I keep users updated here? Post pics of animals available?

Thanks a lot for your kind words, people here do their best to improve this terrible situation with stray animals. So I will try to keep you guys updated here.

Natalia, go to Facebook and find a group called "Ruka-Sapi" (From hand to paw). You can post this information on there, put a photo of your cat and someone will adopt her/him. The group totals more than 1000 members so I'm hoping someone will respond.
All the best!

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