Child care day center in Mellieha!

Hello everybody!

We are a french couple moving to Mellieha in April with our 18 months old daughter.
We are desperately looking for a child care day center... It doesn't look so easy to find in Mellieha!

We are already aware of Leah Attard (Neverland), but she's fully booked.
There is the Jesus Child edy-care center by the nuns, but we would prefer something non-religious...

Do you know any nursery, creche, child care day center, childminder who's taking care of a couple of children in her own place? Any kind of help would be much appreciated...

Meet you soon

Vi & Greg (& Keyla)!

Hello Vi & Greg and of cours Keyla!

There are some contacts in the Business Directory > Nursery and kindergarten in Malta.

You are most welcome to have a look.

Good Luck!


Those contacts are far from Mellieha, dear Marjorie.
I'd like to live in Mellieha but have the same problem finding a kindergarten for my 3 year old daughter.

Vi&Reg I've sent you a private message !

Hello Huong15,

I'm part of the Expat-Blog team, and for now these are the only contacts I have in the Malta Business Directory.

I hope you get some reverts soon from members who are already in this region.


Hi Marjorie!

Thanks for your help anyway!

Have a nice day ;-)


I am kindergarten teacher and also being nanny at the moment. Right now I am living in Estonia, but in August I will move to Malta. If you still need then a nanny, let me know!
I have a lot experience and also high degrees in university.

All the best!

Hi Vi, Greg & Keyla,
Just wondering if you managed to find a daycare as we are in the same situation?
- Also looking for toddler groups or similar...
Br Martin, Line and Baby Karla (6 months old)

Hi everybody!
I am looking for a childcare in Mellieha as well since we are considering to buy a house there.
does someone find a good one? My baby boy is almost 1 year old ;)
Thanks in advance to all

Salut les frenchies,

Nous aussi on habite à Mellieha. Nos deux garçons sont à l'école publique de Mellieha. Je pense que le mieux serait que vous vous rendiez à la mairie de Mellieha pour vous renseigner ( si ce n'est pas déjà fait ??). Je vais demander à la sortie de l'école aux mamans maltaises. Mais il me semble qu'ici, la pluspart du temps, les grands parents sont souvent mis à contribution. Je vous tiens au courant !!! Je crois que je vous ai déjà croisés....près du Billy's pub ???  Bonne chance à vous

Hello everyone,

@ ISBELLE, we have to stick to the language of the forum here. English only for the anglophone forum. However, if you have the translation of your post so that every member of this thread may benefit from your inputs, please do post it.

Many thanks,

I'm going to bring this thread back to the top...

Does anyone know if things have changed at all over the last year or so? Are there any "proper" daycare centers in Mellieha? By "proper" I mean 9-4 (or 9-5), qualified carers, modern facilities.

I would also like to hear if there is a day care in Mellieha. Mellieha has pretty much everything my family is looking for except a day care center. Is there anything or maybe something close by?

As far as I know there's only the nursery run by nuns in the high street and one by the primary school and new gym, which may be the other one already mentioned as I'm not sure of its name.

When I was looking for nurseries a while back the closest one I could find was Stepping Stones in Qawra. More recently I saw the details for one pop up in Burmurrad called Jack and Jill, but both are equally as far away from Mellieha. Some private schools offer 'kindergarden' from 2-3 years if anyone has slightly older children, but are probably even further away with several being in the Pembroke area, so if you need daycare while you work it could even be worth looking in the town you'll be working to widen your options a little.

As for toddler/baby groups there's a group on facebook called Activities for children & parents in Malta which has various things advertised on there, but again the closest thing I've seen advertised to Mellieha was Bugibba/St Paul's Bay.

Hello, I would like to spend May and June in Mellieha with two kids (4 and 6). There is no kindergarten? Or somewhere close, where we can get easily by bus. Thanks for any help!
Or any information about centre for kids in Mellieha where is possible to spend time (workshops etc.).
Thank you

Klara Lu :

Hello, I would like to spend May and June in Mellieha with two kids (4 and 6). There is no kindergarten? Or somewhere close, where we can get easily by bus. Thanks for any help!
Or any information about centre for kids in Mellieha where is possible to spend time (workshops etc.).
Thank you

Hi Klara Lu,
I've sent you a private message about this.


Dear Bernie, thank you for your info. I have already contacted several english schools. Not all of them inform about courses for kids on their websites. Better to contact them directly. I have found 3 english schools and also accommodation in St. Paul's Bay/Buggiba. Hope it is also good area for children there.
Kind regards, Klara

Dear Klara, I'm glad you found the info useful. Have you already chosen a language school in St Paul's Bay? I know two of the schools personally (I have been there and know the directors, and in one school some teachers are friends of mine), so if you need any info on that, feel free to PM me. In general, I'd say St. Paul's Bay / Buggiba is ok for children, of course it always depends on the area. Some parts are really built up and can be a bit crowded and feel quite sticky / polluted in the summer.


I have chosen Alpha school. Now waiting for their reply according accommodation. Because it would be great have everything in one package. Hope we will be satisfied with lessons. And regarding your comments, I am glad we spend there May and June, perhaps won't be so touristic.

Regards from Prague,

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