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Dear parents,
Anticipating a future relocation to Colombo, I'm looking for an international school for my two kids (sons) of 9 and 11 years old. They are now following an IB curriculum in one of the leading international school of Shanghai. They are fluent in three languages (English, French & Chinese). They are now competing in swimming, football and basketball, also practicing rock climbing, gymnastic, snorkeling, surfing and... cooking ;-) Even if they are not following any religious education, they are open to any. Last but not least, they are happy to learn, we want them to keep their positive attitude towards life ! After reading at several - very interesting - exchanges within this - very nice - website, we are thinking about B.I.S. or Elisabeth Moir (as Oversea will be too expensive for us). What do you think ? Any advice ! Thanks in advance for your help !
Regards, Lisu.

Hi Lisu,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Thanks a lot for your help ! Regards, Lisu.

British school in Colombo is very expensive but Elizabeth moir and Wycherley are reasonable, also consider Oveaseas school in Colombo as well



Dear Nishan,
Thanks for your feedback ! Having checked with these schools about the average yearly cost f(or secondary), I'm a little bit surprised by your information, as British School & Elizabeth Moir were at something around 5K$ per year, quite reasonable, when Overseas School was at the double ?
Regards, Lisu.

Lisu, in our experience, N.I.C.E. International School was the most appropriate for our son, it is comparitively cheaper, and has much smaller classrooms of 10-15 students only, mostly expat students and foreign teachers/principal.

Additionally, Negombo Beach is a lovely place to stay, not as crowded or hectic as Colombo!

Good Luck!

Our 5 year old son is attending Elizabeth Moir, he was also admitted to British School,we chose Elizabeth Moir,we are glad we did,as our son is doing really well in school and he is extremely happy.We would highly recommend Elizabeth Moir.


Seeking  your assistant to understand what  include  for international school semester fees. When they quote semester fee ,does that include  all other extra activities such as sport ?

Extras are just that, extras so I would say that sports fees, school trips, books would be extra.

i am looking for good international school for my son , now he is currently studding in duabi

depends on your budget. there are many schools with average cost but admission is a bit tough

Dear sir,

We are considering to move to Colombo.
May I ask you which school have you decided finally ?
I have 3 sons, 8 ,6 ,3 years old.

Thank you very much.


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