Starting to live in FAL Compound

Dear All,

Hi to everybody.. I am an architect and just moved to FAL Compound 2 days ago. I have been living in Riyadh for 4 months but have no idea yet about the facilities of the compound.
I would love to meet with anybody who loves;
- playing instrument
- doing boxing
- motorbikers
- movie addictives
- cooking
and so on.. I am amateur on all but like to do :)
Hope to find good contacts soon,


I would like to share some of those activities with you. I am not living there though

would be best to ask people living there already

Hello Emrah and welcome on board

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> Music Classes in Riyadh
> Cooking classes in Riyadh
> Sport partners in Riyadh

Kenjee team

Dear Kenjee,
I will definetely check that..

Dear abozaid, where do you live? Send me pm please.


u can join fal compound group on fb  ,it may help u a bit

I used to come there for playing squash, not anymore though. If you wanna play a squash game, do let me know !!

I was there last friday to meet a friend. Very nice place indeed. 😊

yes very nice place the swiming pool and kafeterias you feel your self outside kindom lol enjoy

Dear All, do let me know when you visit the compound again.
There are a lot to do,

Sounds good bro! Welcome to the land of sand ! :)

Squash and motorbikes are my hobbies. I in fal for a week now...

Do u want a partner or friend

Sure let's arrange something

Good idea!
I joined a boxing team with the help of a pal. Today we have a training and i will be back to Fal after 9 p.m.
Tomorrow more earlier. We can meet somewhere in lads..

Please do let me know..

Iam out of Riyadh will be back tomorrow evening would be great to meet for sure


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I'm spanish and i'm living in Riyadh for 1 month. I hope go to the fal compound next month.

I'm looking for someone who live in fal compound to know it.

I cook a delicious Spanish omelette and paella too and i can learn to speak Spanish


Hey man

How's it going?

Any room for 1 more in the boxing group?

Not trained in a while but would love to get back into it


Welcome in Riyadh,  hope ur having a gd time
It's a gd compound...  Happy to help

Guys, still there is no musician to hang out and play something..
Let me know if you are interested

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