fincas and country houses Alicante

we have been living just inland semi rural for 12 years ,

If you are thinking of moving to this area , you are welcome to ask any questions on what it is like to live here permanently

Tony :)


We are hoping to move into the area soon - just waiting for our house to sell in Australia. Would love to know about life inland ie rural living near Alicante or Valencia so that I can commute to work if need be. I am 42 and an Australian Chartered Accountant, mainly experienced in Management Accounting at a manufacturing enterprise. Hoping to get some work in finance/accounting or even bookkeeping. Our children are very young and so I would prefer to work flexible hours or school hours. Any suggestions regarding how to get work in this field? I wondered if there would be work amongst the English speaking expat community. Husband is 67 and a stay at home Dad most of the time (retired - with only a tiny UK Govt pension!). Children are daughter 3 and son 7 months. Any suggestions regarding schooling? Daughter would start school in 2016 in Oz as she turns 4 in December. Husband does some acting on the side - any chance of this in Alicante? He also is qualified to teach english but has never gained any experience. He has the CELTA qualification. I don't speak spanish yet but will be learning as soon as we arrive. I have studied Spanish before so I won't be starting from scratch. Husband has been practicing spanish for years now and is able to converse fairly well. The move to Spain is husband's dream. I am trying to be enthusiastic but am concerned about being able to get work. We cannot survive on husband's tiny pension alone! Any suggestions or advice welcome. It's a big expensive move at a time when jobs are hard to come by even in Oz. Plus i would be leaving a very well paid job here!
Thanks for the offer of information!

Hi Mel,

To be honest Mel, Spain is a great place to retire if you have finances in place to support your self , but unfortunately at the moment work generally is hard to find !

I think it would be advisable to secure a job first , as it would be a risk just assuming you will find some when you get here !

Your children are very young so they would have no problem going through the state school

Speak later

Cheers Tony

Hola all

Any one new in the Alicante area ?

Tony Agost Alicante

Hi Tony,

We are looking for a house inland semi rural at 15 km away from Torrevieja.   We will be in Elche in May.  Do you know nice place to live ? So we can have a look around. Thanks.


Hi Nathalie,

I will take a look for you ,  the area I am in is nearer to Alicante than Torrevieja , is it important to be near Torrevieja ,

There are many nice towns and villages near Alicante and Elche , are you looking for one that is well connected to a motorway for quick access to the coast and airport

Cheers Tony, Agost Alicante

Hi Tony,

Not too far from local shops but mainly quiet area, independent little house 30 min away from the airport.  Thanks.


Hi Nathalie,

The area I am in is 25 min from the airport and beach , when you say near to local shops do you mean a short say 5 min drive or in walking distance ,

Also can you tell me a bit more about the house you would like , how many bedrooms , large plot ? etc  rough price range ?

I do Know where there is one that needs a bit of doing up  near Alcante , it has 4 bedrooms 220m house 2900m plot , pool , garage area to play tennis , good access to the motorway 125,000€

But also know some cheaper ones that are smaller

Cheers Tony

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your help. It's very kind. We are looking for a little house less than 100 m2, 3 bedrooms, if possible with a very little spot and a little swimming-pool. My husband was a building worker, so it does'nt mind if they are some work to do at the house. We are really looking for being in Elche in May. Temperature here in Bastogne are still cold and we are fed up with it !

Nathalie and Guy

Here are more information about our project. 25 away from the airport is great for us and 5, 10 min from a super market. If your area is quiet, we will have a look around in a few months.

Thanks Tony.

Hi Nathalie ,

Sounds like our area could be ok for you , I know where there is a house with a pool it needs a little up dating but has a nice pool , it only has 2 bedrooms but , and the neighbour is quite close , she is a nice German lady it is 105,000€

There is also a much cheaper one down our road , but it needs a bit more work , and also it is opposite a childrens Farm School so may be a bit noisy , think it is about 65,000€

Hi Tony,

We are interested in the first house at 105.000. Is she on sale since a long time and do we have to go through an agency to visit it ? Where is it located exactly ? We wil have a look on it with google map.

Can you recommend us a trustable "immovable" agency who takes care of everything to become local resident in Spain ? I'm not sure of immovable's word, please forgive me.

Was it easy for you to adapt yourself at spanish life ? I speak some spanish, it shoud help with more daily practice.

Have a nice evening.

Hi Nathalie

I know a solicitor in the village she may be able to held get residency , I have a friend who is using her at the moment as he wants to buy a house here and needs a Spanish bank account , now you need an NIE number to open one.

The house is just outside the village ( Agost ) it is a private sale , I do have some photos , if you e mail me I can send them to you , cssolar[at]

Not sure if the road has a name , it is in the country side , short drive to the village

Really it is best to find the right area first , then choose a house ,

I will tell you a little about Agost , it is just inland of Alicante city so well located for the Airport , City and coast , it has a population of about 5000 people , and is famous for pottery ,  there are small supermarkets , many bars and restaurants, a medical centre , schools , police station , post office , banks etc.

Very traditionally Spanish with very few foreigners , it is surrounded by mountains , with a fantastic path for walking and cycling 

It is a very dry zone , quite desert like , in fact in the sixty's a Spaghetti western was filmed here

I quite like the rugged terrain but , if you like lots of green and trees etc you may find it not to your liking

Cheers Tony

Hi Tony and friends,

We are a french family (father and daughter) who own a country house in Busot that we are willing to offer either for sale or short term rental or for people who would like to camp on the land for a some days.
The house is 140 m2 on a 2,400 m2 land with young fruit trees and a small pool. The views are incredible, behind the house you can see the mountains and Cuevas de Canelobre and in the front you can see the sea, at night you can see all the Alicante city lights. It is beautiful place for hikes and walks, the air is pure and the scenery is outstanding.
We can send photos and more information.
Our email is: xxx
Kind regards,

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Hi everyone,

@ Denis,

i suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Alicante section of the website so that interested members may contact you.

All the best,

Hello and thank you Bhavna.

Wishing you a nice day,

Hola Nathalie

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Spain ! , it was nice to meet you and your husband

Did you explore any other areas ?

Cheers Tony

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