anyone who's looking for a baby model?

can anyone tell me a modelling agency for babies here in shanghai?

What? Your baby wants to model what? JW

what's that ?

How old is your baby? a girl or a boy? Have you done this before or just wanna try here? Your baby is a mix?  Just a basic question....

Hello, this is Sara. I am an agent representing many advertising companies in Shanghai. I have a lot of cases right now which need foreign models. You don't need to be exceptional in any way - sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts. Positive attitude, responsibility, good health, and good grooming are all that is required.

If you are interested in making some extra cash doing part-time modeling you just need to send me your details. My email address is modelling[at] Please send a few photos and info about your age, country of origin, availability, and any languages that you speak.

Hi Sara,

this thread is one year old ... I guess you should post in the classifieds section > jobs


Hi Sara,

I came by your post and I am interested.  My son just turned 6 months and he is Korean/American.  Looks very mix (me, I am Korean and my husband who is caucasian).  I'm interested in getting him modeling because since he was born people ask me if he models because he is a very pretty baby.  I started to consider it now because of his funny personality.  He is so animated and photogenic!  If you are interested please email me and I can send you more photos.  sammijoteek[at]


Hi Samantha,

The post is 4 years old for info. :whistle:

Armand Team

hello ,im Rita ,the kids model agent in shanghai ,we are always looking for kids to do modeling jobs ,we are intrested to work wity your baby ,please send your baby informations to us ,*

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Hi there !

What is the name of the agency u are working at? I'm interested, but I need more details.


@ Cami1025 > To who are you talking to please? As a note : this topic is from 2010.



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