Jeddah knowledge school anyone?

Hi there

Just got a job at jus. Just just wandering if anyone is out there to give me some advice. I have heard some bad reviews so far but mainly from males teaching Saudi boys so I can understand there difficulties so was look to get some advice from any girls teaching the girls. I also wanted to know to best place for childcare like a nursery as I have a 18month old and will need to find some childcare for her.

Any help is useful. Any Info on the sharbartky compound too?

Hi, congrats on the job!
I worked in Jeddah, but not at that school. I found it difficult living in Jeddah, being a single woman. If you're married and your husband drives, you should be ok.
Good luck!

Hi doodle (great name btw) thanks for ur reply. Are u still there at the mo? And do u teach there? I know nothing is going to be normal there so i expect that. I have somr family the hopefully shouldnt be too bad x

No i'm not in Jed anymore. I did teach at one of the international schools.

Hi doodle,

How did you find it? Which one did you teach at? I know you have to give everyone good grdes which im ok with. What i do worry about is the work load? Is it as intense as in the UK and also the working hrs?

Thanks for your advice

I am a current student at JKS I will not say which grade but I will tell you I am in high school, I strongly agree with what all the male teachers have written about teaching in the males section it is the same in the girls section only difference is here the girls are ignorant and very disrespectful towards the teachers. Listening in class is a joke and all we do is copy everything that is on the board teachers don't get to decide what to teach in class and neither do they get to chose what homework to assign us. IB is just a name as in International because this school only accepts saudi children who are rich and snobby. I have been in JKS since elementary school and have been trying to get accepted into (conti school {british international school of jeddah}) for the past 3 years.

Coming from me it is a very bad idea teachers end up with headaches and throat aches all the time.

Hi lolymarten,

Thank you for infomation but as a student how do you that the teachers dnt get to choose what they teach? If students all know that then im not suprised that they have no respect for them. What are you studying at the moment?
You seem like a good student to teach! A student with her own opinions. My nephew and nieces go back to bisj and the seem to like it as there not segregated.

Dear Cuteloveangel, Like you I have be offered the position at JKIS, I have signed the contract. I am very interested in speaking with new teachers that will be joining this year. I have only just finished my current contract in Vietnam last Friday, I am now fully on JKIS mode, so I was wondering if you would like to exchange contact information. I was given the Primary School position, however I still haven't been given my grade yet.

Please feel free to contact me directly. Like I said I would love to speak with new teachers joining.


How are u? They havent given me my contract yet so still waiting for that. Are in liason with reema? Ill be in the middle school section i belive. When u flying out?

Hey Hey, Oh I see, I was in contact with Reema, however I have now been put in contact with a new fello, who helps with the flight and visa. I am looking at arriving on the 12th August. Do you have WhatsApp, will be a lot easier to stay in contact?

Heyyy, I interviewed with this school, and it seemed like they were pushing towards an all boys class throughout my interview. I got a weird vibe. I haven't heard back from them but accepted another offer at another school. I hope all goes well for you two though.


I am currently a student studying in Jeddah Knowledge School and have a few things to point out, about the boys' section at least.

First off, as the school is still new and Grade 10, which is equivalent to Year 11, is considered as the 'senior year', the school really is greatly improving each and every year. Therefore I urge you to not look back at old reviews as they, somewhat, don't apply to the school anymore.

I'd like to say that the teachers not getting to teach what they want isn't true, but it isn't completely a lie either. The school, obviously, has a curriculum which they need to follow, but it's only a guideline for the teachers to base their lessons around, meaning they get to teach what they want and how they want as long as it includes the main ideas which need to be delivered to the students to prepare them for the next year at least.

It has been previously mentioned on this post that all we do is "copy from the board", although that is true for one subject I'm studying this year, it is completely up to the teacher to properly teach us or take the easy way out and just write on the board and relax.

Speaking about the so called 'senior year', the students are not as disrespectful as they have been displayed to be on these forums, but then again them being teenage boys will surely mean that they have a lot of energy to spare, and are therefore given 2 breaks by the school which last about 35 minutes each and have around 5 minute breaks between lessons. Saying that, it still is hard to teach some students, but good teachers are always able to keep their students disciplined.

The best part about the school is the executive director as well as the heads. The executive director, although being very busy, is always willing to listen to everyone, all staff members and students.

If anyone has any further inquiries about this school, please feel free to ask as I'm happy to help and will hopefully try to stay as unbiased as possible.


I have applied to teach Psychology at the school, can you tell me your experiences.



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