Expat Meet Up - 13/03/2015[at]Beach 38°C - Munich

Hi expats,

I just arrived in Munich coming from Barcelona, and I am looking to meet some nice and fun people here.
I already organized several Expat Meetups in Barcelona and It was a blast every time.
I met lots of people from all around the world.

I am proposing for all new comers, foreign or not looking to meet some new people and have a good time to meet us on FRIDAY MARCH, 13th @ the Beach Club 38°C

I will organize something with the Beach Club 38°C as I know some people working there

This place feels exotic, beach sand indoors, tropical drinks, nice music and even Palm Trees!

So if you just arrived in town, have been here for a while or lived your whole life here, come over for a drink and good laugh.

I´ll be there starting from 8pm.

See you then


I am going to add some additional info because I had the question:

This is not a professional Meetup where you have to pay to join or have a participation fees of some sort.

I just propose a place and a time for anyone interested and you just pay what you consume, nothing more ;)

See you on friday!

My bad, I was a bit in the clouds when i posted the message, the event is the coming friday (march 13th 2015), and not the 13th of april of last year! :dumbom:

It seems that this was a bit short noticed, let's CANCEL tonight's meetup and I will replan one in the future and notify people more in advance


when are you organizing an expat event again??

susy capasso :

when are you organizing an expat event again??

You should refer to the EVENTS section for future meet ups, or to organize your own.  Note that this topic is over a year old.

Romaniac Experts Team

doh!! I thought it was 2016 the year.
thanks a lot!!

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