how to find a MAID, L in or L out

Firstly, let me explain why I'm posting this. There is a lot of bad mis-information about this topic. The Philippines is by far one of the safest countries in the world.

Most come here and do everything they can to avoid the people here out of fear of the invisible boogie man. Relax and enjoy yourself. Life just got good.

Now for hiring a maid. Most of the women who work as domestic helpers are registered for overseas employment. The main requirement is the ability to speak English as a universally accepted communication. The salary here in the Philippines range from $75 US to $150. Expect to pay more in the city.

Do not use an agent or agency. Most keep a part of her salary and thus causing a very distant relationship between you and her. Interview and talk to the person you will be hiring. Create a relationship with her and get to know her family. After all she will have access to your most personal ...which is your whole life. Don't be shy about acknowledging that and let him or her know that trust is on the table. Also make it clear that what goes on in your home stays there. Gossiping is very common here. They have no HIPPA laws here so be aware of that. My doctor was telling my friends all about my skin allergies. He even went as far to tell them how he was going to treat me.

Now the best way to hire your maid is to go to the Jeep Terminals and place your flyers. Then await the calls. On the flyers specify that they must speak English and whether its a live in or live out. Don't allow text as methods of contact insist on calls only. That will assure you they can communicate with you to your satisfaction. Have pre interview questions ready so that you will only have personal interviews with the best suited. Make sure you give transportation fare to all you interview. Its good courtesy.

Be willing to pay high salary for someone who's what you are looking for. I say that because if you try and take advantage of these cheap wages you will not keep her for long because the Dubai's and Singapore markets are calling her name.

I suggest paying 15k for an awesome Maid and caregiver. That is $300 to $350 /mos. Chicken feed for most of us on here. So be open to generosity. The benefits far out way the cost. She will watch your back and look out for your best interests. I know from experience.

Normally your maid will never steal from you. I'm hearing others complain about maids or hired help here and I am left thinking there are two sides to every story. First we must understand that people are posting bare minimum salary as a wage. Not fare I say. I'm more interested in helping my helpers feed their families and send their children to school.  So when you exploit the impoverished you are adding to a problem verses helping.

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Interesting read.

Each of us are different. For me I would never consider having the prospective maid call me, most of them on the basic wage, if working at all, cannot afford to pay for the phone call.  Things need to be kept in reality when here in the Philippines.  For you being able to phone someone may be taken for granted, for them it is not.  Get them to message you then phone them back.  Putting up posters at the Jeepney station cost money.

The best way to find a maid is through local contacts, unless you live in an isolated expat environment you will know some locals, ask them.

Secondly as stated so many times before, it depends on: where you live, if the maid is live in or live out, the training the maid has had, are you paying for food (live in) are you paying for Phil Health, etc, etc. Are you paying for their accommodation (live in).  How many hours a week she is working, and what tasks is she required to do (cleaning, shopping, cooking)

It is not as simple as you many people make out it is, there are numerous considerations.

We also need to consider that $300 USD per month is not chicken feed to a lot of us here.  If you are working for an expat company then yes it is.  If you are a self funded retiree then $300 USD per month is a lot more than chicken feed.  That is a return trip back to your country of heritage, once or twice a year, yes a lot of money.

Don't forget a Senior nurse here, working shift work, not having food or board included (no free electricity or wifi), after fours years plus of expensive study and several years of working as a nurse and then more study, is receiving (if lucky) 25,000 to 30,000php a month in a hospital.  So as an expatriate it is important not to upset the local economy and environment and over pay a worker, imagine if the care givers, nurses, people who give free house hold support left what they are doing to come and work for you!  The flow on effect of this would not be good for the Philippine society.  If a international company was to over pay its workers, the balance of the social and professional environment would be messed up.  You are the international company in a small way.

I do believe one of the most important things you can teach some one in your employment, is the art of budgeting, otherwise they will live from pay check to pay check for the rest of their lives.

From speaking to my GF here she said that 7,000php per month would be more than enough, that would include food, Phil health.  Because on top of that the maid would get free electricity, water, probably wifi, and Board, and a bed.

7k monthly salary for housemaid was very of now im working here in expat families with salary of 10k 2k food allowance and plus phil benefits per month..
If you give that low salary per month as expat. Im sure housemaid will not last long in working.
If you give high salary ,im sure housemaid will work hard and being reliable to her work...
You need to find high end housemaid that your money will notbe wasted.

First of all, the original poster, sirrobcentral, had problems with his live-in housekeeper, whom he offered to pay US$300 / month. Even gave her a free cellphone and wi-fi. I'm not sure whether the above post was before or after the incident with the housekeeper.

The original poster expat, who lived in Northern Luzon (provincial area), went out of town a few days after hiring the housekeeper. He received a phone call from one of his neighbor friends saying the housekeeper had not shown up for work. He immediately came back and he and the neighbor found the housekeeper at the barangay hall.

The housekeeper was at the barangay hall because she filed a domestic abuse case against her husband. He beat her because he thought his wife was more than just a housekeeper to the expat, that she's more like a "maid with benefits" with what the expat was paying her, and also indirectly accusing the expat as having an intention of sleeping with his wife.

A starting salary for a live-in maid in the provinces is around PhP3k-4k. (No wonder why the housekeeper's husband suspected the expat of sleeping with his wife.) In Metro Manila, it's PhP4k-7k depending on experience. Because you are an expat, potential housekeepers (and also retailers) see dollar signs when they look at you. But you should not feel pressured or obligated to pay more than what a Filipino pays for a housekeeper just because you are an expat.

As pej1111 stated, there are repercussions when you pay more, including possibly depriving a middle class family, where the parents leave very early for work to avoid traffic  and arrive late due to rush hour traffic, of a good housekeeper, because it would strain them financially to pay the expat price.


As per experience,

I pay tuition fee of my working students.. Generally 17-20k per semester.. Plus 2k monthly allowance.. Plus free use of my extra laptop, WiFi, accommodation..

In exchange, I got her loyalty.. Her work at best, she teaches my kids and my coffee.. My food is there food too.

It will depend.. Just be good in treating them..

This ad was posted 2yrs ago!..
Sirrobcentral... God bless you!

The original post was not an ad, but an advice on finding a maid.

sirrobcentral :

Now the best way to hire your maid is to go to the Jeep Terminals and place your flyers. Then await the calls. On the flyers specify that they must speak English and whether its a live in or live out. Don't allow text as methods of contact insist on calls only. That will assure you they can communicate with you to your satisfaction.

I would advise against this. You could be inviting the wrong type of person into your home. If you say "must speak English," readers of your ad would assume that you are a foreigner. Filipinos generally assume that foreigners are very wealthy.  A criminal or his / her accomplice might pose as a maid, and once she gets your trust, she and her accomplices could rob you of your belongings, maybe even use your vehicle as a get away vehicle, and physically hurt you.

If you live in a gated community with security, the guards might be able to stop them from leaving the area. But if you don't, like in sirrob's residence, they will be gone in no time.

Documents such as fake NBI clearance, birth certificates, diplomas, etc. can be bought in certain places in Manila. Unless you were involved in getting these documents, you cannot be sure if the documents presented to you were forged.

The best way is to get a referral from someone you know.  Ask the housekeeper if you can take a picture of her. You can tell her that you'd like to have your facebook friends know that you found a new helper. But it's actually a "do you know this person" post.

i am looking for a maid , stay out , 09266666755, location is makati .

Benranju :

i am looking for a maid , stay out , 09266666755, location is makati .

Please post your offer in the jobs section at the top of this page.

Good day I'm interested to apply as maid.I'm maricel from makati i have 3years in that job.thanks.

Hi Silveriomaricel > you should post an ad in the Housemaid job vacancies in the Philippines. Good luck.

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