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My chest x-ray has shown some white spots. I donot have the active symptoms of TB but my immigration doctor tells that it will not be good to migrate to GCC countries as they may regard it as tb and deport me back. What is the provision of latent tb in case of Qatar/UAE/Oman.

You should consult a doctor not any other people.

Hi I have one Doubt, I got a job offer from company in dubai, Actually I have gone for medical test here... They said there is a abnormality in your lungs but NO TB Or NO Pneumonia or any thing... Just size of my right lungs is small compare to left... So in Xray they lower lobes in right lungs shows white scar like HAZINESS.. Will Dubai Medical Center Rejects me or what??? Plz Tell me as soon as possible

@ rakesh04 & vinayak91,

As far as the GAMCA medical test results are concerned, the final say would be entirely the certifying doctor's decision. And it is entirely up to the doctor to decide if the candidate is 'Fit to Travel', or 'Unfit to Travel'.

Authorities here in Oman's Ministry of Manpower would neither have the time, nor would be the least bit interested in reading through the test results of the hundreds of applications that they would be receiving on a daily basis.

In fact, if an applicant's medical reports are stamped as 'Unfit to Travel', then obviously the company would not even bother to forward that application for the ministry's approval, knowing fully well that that application would not get the clearance - for obvious reasons.

Same case here, a spot on the lungs then they took a Quantiferon test & report says as follows:
TB Antigen 9.73
Mitogen >10

Is this really TB n will be deported, as no information available after a long follow up.

Appreciate comments.

No problem. Offering medicine later giving visa . No issues. All  our people only making problem

Hi vinayak,

Did you solved your haziness? same to my friend also

If it true if unfit at Oman they will deport us back to home country? I already provided all document for my medical, but i dont understad why they depot me? Its just a scar. Old tb scar.

Please help me with this issue :(

If your medical report has an UNFIT stamp, you can not get into any GCC country (Nor anywhere else where the medical is required).

If it is a minor infection, the doctor can prescribe you some medication that may help in betterment. based on that, you need to get your medical redone and then check the results.

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