Can someone mention address where Badminton Court or Club available in Yanbu

Even I am looking for a group and proper badminton court. i found squash court and tennis court but can't find a badminton court.
I checked in Badminton central and found out that nearest badminton court is in Jeddah  :lol:

where is squash court in yanbu?

I am also looking for a badminton court here in Yanbu and I just read in Arab News that there is a newly opened sports facility in Royal Commission-Yanbu and it includes a badminton court.

Hello everyone,

I suggest to post an ad in the Classifieds section of the website > Clubs, associations, volunteers in Yanbu.

This will increase your chances of getting a response.

Thank you,

OH THANK GOD. I will try to locate in Royal commission,yanbu

Sir Sathappan, I think the new Yanbu Sports Complex is located along the Red Sea new coastal road in Royal Commission.

I have been there before and I did not notice any badminton court along the way.  A badminton court is supposed to be a covered or closed area but I did not see any......just to let you know.

Dear All badminton players,
I m also looking for badminton court in Royal commision. If any person finds it please post the exact address.
Presently I m staying in Radwa 2.

there is no indoor courts in Yanbu i check almost all places including RC and city area.
so at the end me and some Filipino guys with me we start it on our villa roof. but due to air its not working
if some one have any place where we can play just mention it.

I am haris.. Just shifted from jubail.. Any badminton club or indoor court in yanbu.. Please let me know

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No Badminton Court found yet  :/ ?

there is one open badminton court in Royal commission in Radhwa Gym. but i doubt if they have enough light.

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