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Hey guys,
I'm going to move to casablanca soon and I'm searching for a place to stay.
I'm not sure about the prices of small apartments in casablanca, so I'd also be glad about finding a free room, or a roommate that wants to share an apartment.
I don't know casablanca yet, but my working place will be in sidi moumen/sidi bernoussi and I hope to find something not too far, or at least close to a bus-/tramwaystation.
If anyone knows cheap, small apartments to rent, or if somebody would share an apartment (I'm a nice roommate i'd say!!) I'd be happy to hear from you (for the sharing; girls only please..) :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nora and welcome to :)

I invite you to have a look at these following sections :

- Flats for rent in Casablanca.
- Shared accommodation in Casablanca.
In case that you do not find any appropriate accommodation, i will advise you to drop an ad in these sections so that your research can be more visible to the eyes of members.

This page might also help you : Real estate in Casablanca as well as this aticle : … lanca.html

Have a nice weekend ahead.

Priscilla  :cheers:

wow, thanks a lot! I will absolutely take a look at those pages!
:) niceweekend to you too :)

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