Reason you should choose Da Nang to live

Video show you some reason to choose Da Nang

It is an awesome production about Da nang. Really reminds me of Penang in Malaysia maybe 20 years ago. Da nang is still not as crazy as Penang now. The pace is just right not too over crowded and big but just the right pace. The reason I like Danang like Penang too is the food. You can get both local cuisine and international too. There are many small cafe also sprouting out now. Is amazing the food offer.

Would love to live in Danang near the beach. It's one of the main things I don't like about HCM... No beaches!

Yes, it's what I love the most. I live pretty close to the beach... - Walking distance.

Lived in the North of Vietnam, moved to DaNang in 2006 and then left for Saigon where I spent almost 7 years and now for the past 3 years call DaNang my "home". 
I really got tired of the several hour drive or boat ride back and forth to the beaches from Saigon.  I live two blocks from the DaNang Bay and within 12-15 km of the westward beaches with the major hotels and resorts.  I would highly recommend anyone who enjoys the beaches, night life and beauty of DaNang to visit or make their home as I have done. 
Many of the business' speak English, great food, low crime and so real traffic jams to talk about.  There are many attractions in and around DaNang for those with many interests.  A three hour drive North to Hue or South to Quang Ngai. 
I have found the local and State Police as with the Immigration Department in DaNang are very friendly and helpful.  For those desiring to work the Ministry of Education and Department of Labor are also friendly and informative. 
With only a few weeks of abnormal 'cool' weather, the beaches are normally wide open to anyone who cares to enjoy them.  I've walked much of the coast at times from Danang to Hoi An and during the day (9 am-3 pm) you can almost find 'NO ONE' on the beaches. 

Lived in HCMC for 7 yrs...that drive to the coast was nice, but got old after several years. It's great now...and no traffic!!

Stayed in HMC for a week, Vung tau for couple of weeks, a week in Hanoi, and a week in Halong Bay... Then, none of the above mentioned has met my preference where to stay for good.  Until, I met Danang. the loveliest city so far because of it's stunning beach, the laid back locals and et cetera... By the way my place is at 29 Che Lan Vien

Love the video! Reminds me of the wonderful time I spent in Danang last year.

Also, regarding Education for your children:
1. Singapore International School

2. Pegasus International College

this was great to view    I am very interested in the possibility of living in Vietnam at times  simply because I have set up my own wine tour business here in Australia but do the wine tours in Vietnam.  I am looking at spending more time since I have friends and business partners in Vietnam and just fell in love with the country and its people.  ****  Danang looks very nice to live and I read it has a great expat community

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like to get more contacts in vietnam to help about living in Nha Trang expat communities

aussieyank :

like to get more contacts in vietnam to help about living in Nha Trang expat communities

Hi aussieyank,

I invite you to browse through all the threads in our Nha Trang forum and post your question/s (if any) there.

Thank you.

Hi Anthony,
I'm thinking of Viet Nam for a move.  Is it possible to get high speed Internet in Danang? 
I'll be doing a lot online from home.
Any advice,  comments, or questions you might have are welcome.
I long to be near a beach .
Thanks.  Write back when you can,
Moira Walsh in minnesota

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