send money to Phils.

Why is it so complicated to send money to PhilIppines? I tried to send money to my family thru Western Union or bank but they asked me payslip and contract unlike in many countries they only need passport plus here in Vietnam, you can't send money more than what you have in your payslip... :-(

Maybe you don't know where are you in Now, Vietnam is Comines country, you can receive money from any countries but you can not send out of country unless  if you don't have resident card or company contract Latter

How about Vietnamese sending money to  foreigner? Would that be easy?

The way I always do is a bank transfer, I opened an account with hsbc and I'm able to transfer any amount anywhere for a 15 dollars fee.

What is your bank?  What are the requirements to open an account?

The reason for this is that the government is trying to curb money laundering and the infrastructure, technology and tactics in this area is very lacking as the Vietnamese government is not willing to accept foreign ideas.

Having said, I can assist in transferring money overseas.

PM me if you require.

ncruz7 :

The way I always do is a bank transfer, I opened an account with HSBC and I'm able to transfer any amount anywhere for a 15 dollars fee.

Please share with us how you can open account for transfer money, This information helps lots who had trouble to send money

Basically, if you have a work permit and legal documents (such as your residential and employment letter) to live in Vietnam, you can open a bank account with any bank.

However, the problem lies in the process when money coming into your Vietnam bank account or going out of your Vietnam bank account.

Money flowing in is not so much of the hassle. In most cases, will be ok, however, money going out is always full of hassle. Especially the 1st remittance.

You will have to prove that the money you remitting is legal and accounted for. Again, they will require you to show the documents where you got the money from, the purpose of remitting the money and the receiving person is legitimate which could be difficult to prove.

The bank process however, is not constant throughout. Thus, many uncertainties each time you want to remit money overseas. Bank to bank and within staff in the same banks have different understanding in the procedures. So, if you can remit this time, it does not mean the next time will be as smooth. Just be prepared to handle hiccups.

Above is a summary of mine and friends' experiences. There may be others with different experience. Will be glad to hear from them too.

I'm sure you probably already tried everything. .. I don't know how but I haven't had any problems  I transferred money back and forward from Mexico or USA to and from Vietnam. ..  I also haven't asked the bank I'm afraid to start having problems if I do, better leave it like that.
I do everything online.

When I lived in Phils,

Other VNese and me use VPfund to transfer money.
The fee is much lower than banks.
with good US exchange rate.
No documents needed.

and transfer directly from VND to Philippine peso and vice versa.

PM me if you need more info

I want to transfer money from Vietnam to Dubai but they require a clear information of the person am transferring to   which I do not have. How else do I go about it help me

Hi Khuyen T,

Can you share more info how to join VPfund?

I pay every month with Ria money transfer,are World Remit are xzoom And i stay away from Western Union because there are always' s complication
If you wanna do transfer from home use the World Remit and make account and 30 minutes later your money is in the Philippines

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