Kabayan / Pinay Friendship In Dubai

Hi My Name is Anghel  :) 22 years old, Housewife and bored to death! I'm new here and hoping to find female friends  :D been in Dubai for 5 years still did not find any friends! And it's making me insane! Are you in the same situation? Add me up lets meet up!

P.S Only females I wanna be friends because I am married :) - Thanks All!

Hi Angel...musta? Bakit ka bored? 😊

Menza :

Hi Angel...musta? Bakit ka bored? 😊

ENGLISH please

I'm bored cause I got no friends to hangout with  :(

Y no friend?


Welcome to Expat-Blog..:)

If you are looking for friends, i suggest you to have a look at the discussions taking place on the forum Networking Dubai.

Thank you

:D  :D  :D

Hi Haroon here mechanical engineer living in satwa dubai I am looking friendship

Hi I am fine and you

hi kbayan im khrizzy, im only new in dubai hehehehe im looking for frends also..wer u in dubai?

hi kbayan bgo palang ako dito dubai hanap ng work hehehehe sa ka po sa dubai thanks


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hello! im glad to meet you.would like to do a business

To:  ahmier03, haroon1929 and dilber khan,

I'm sorry, but it's extremely difficult to believe that none of you seemed to notice that in the very first posting on this topic thread made it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that she is only looking for FEMALE friends, and that she is MARRIED. Strange how some guys on these forums are of the misguided notion that the words FRIENDSHIP and ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP are synonymous and interchangeable. They are not!!! If you're here just to chat up expat females, enjoy it while you can because you won't be here for very long. We ban that kind every single day.


So that means that this is a TOPIC THREAD FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!

In the future please respect the wishes of our female members who are looking to make friendships with other females ONLY and do not post to the topic threads. Failing to observe the rules of our Code of Conduct can result in cancellation of your account without notice.

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helyn :

hello! im glad to meet you.would like to do a business

Hello helyn,

Your posting is  :offtopic:

The member is looking for female friends, not business contacts.

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I don't usually make friends with Kabayan, maybe bad experience before when I lived with them. Hopefully I can make friends here. How's Dubai? Where are you in Dubai?  I'm a professional working in Jebel Ali Freezone, I grew up and has a degree in Makati  in Philippines, so you know I don't have intentions to do business with you hahahha. And I really like to go out only for have fun and relax outside, talk with people whom you don't really know, hear there stories and everything.
I go out sometimes alone in cinema and eat rarely in restaurants because I always eat alone, men come by and sit with you , I know you have family and it's really hard to be far from them, atleast you have inspiration - me I don't know I'm a lone wolf since then.
Sometimes it's really hard to trust someone to get along with, I am here only for Friends and I can drive you whenever I'm free so don't worry about your safety. ( I just hate Shiek zayed road and I hope you're not living near there) So let me know when we can hangout. Regards.


lifeofsilence411 :


Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. I filled the rest  :lol:

hay, let's meetup and goodbye to your boredom, wanna do jogging or doing exercises together.
me here in dubai...
please let me know.
cheers :)

I will be your mobile number xxx

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Let's  meet then :)

Hi I'm looking for a friend in Dubai .. Hope you be the one ,thks wait reply

Hie :)

Hi anghel, rose here, life here in Dubai can be boring if you don't have any thing to do or interest with. i am friendly but not enough to trust kabayan very fast maybe because of bad experienced in the past. i am married too you can message me anytime you need someone to talk too. :)

Hello Dear,

Thank you for the response, I am working as a national sales manager with a MNC in Dubai. If you wish to contact please use the whatsup to communicate. zero five zero nine two fine six six four four. Regards


Hello mr. Karim, what does MNC stand for?


MNC means, Multi National Consumer company.



Hello ,

I am looking for a good hearted filipina girl for my lioe time partner. Pls email me your interets based on that I will stat up


Hello there  :cool:

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