Looking for somebody to practise my english

hi to all
i look for someone that i can practise with him my english and help me to be excellent, i like to discuss, to learn and discover other can i find some english speakers that i can speak with them to improve my english

thanks in advance
i wait some answers

= >

Hi rhouma00,

I have moved your topic on the English speaking Tunisia Forum

Also I invite you to participate on other topics on the forum.

Thank you,


thank you very much

Hi there  :)

I have gone through your posting on and I am keen to share with you my modest experience in  English.
I am Mohamed Melliti a 32 years old Tunisian national working in Qatar now for 7 years. I am graduated in English and have a good pronunciation and conversational skills.
Brief, we can simply chat and share the knowledge and if interested you may reply to this message.

Good luck


Hi Rhouma, I would like to exchange chats with you. Then I could learn about Tunisia and you can practice your English. I'm Rukaya and I'm from South Africa  :)

Thank you for your answer. .of course we can chat and we'll see ...

rhouma00 - I am an English speaker but I am living in Bizerte.  I am happy to help you with your English but let me know how you would like to achieve this?  By telephone?  Right now I do not have VOIP so there is no way for us to speak via computer.

Let me know if you are interested

Hi! I am an English teacher living in Monastir, would be glad to meet and help you practice your English. Please message me if you are still interested.

Hey how are you?

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