Badminton in phu my hung area!

please give me some idea about badminton court in phu my hung area...also if there are some groups already playing I would love to join

Hello Preeti_Sharma,

While waiting for members to participate on your discussion,i would suggest you to post a free ad on Sport partners in Saigon page.

Thank you

Hi Yuveshen,  I have few friends as partner but I need to know where the court is near Phy My Hung area.

I would like to join with you :D

I know 1 area
You can join with me
Contact me when you want join
We play at 8pm - 10pm Tue,Thur
My phone 0911719003 (Lee)
Area: … 7c10ce9ddd

hello, lee..
do you welcome beginners?

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